Video TV PILOT PITCH: The Irish Retribution, by Bruce Cooke



Written by: Bruce Cooke



Logline: Carrie Sanderson, a foreign correspondent receives some photos from an IRA Uncle and a note saying her father killed her mother, a women she never knew and the woman he expressed as the love of his life. She seeks revenge. But what she discovers is her father’s life filled with intrigue, love,and horror that takes him through Vietnam , Bosnia and Ireland. Dark secrets are revealed before she can find the truth. Tully works tirelessly at his job and discover the stark truths of wars and what they do to civilians. He meets and falls in love with Kate Armatige, an Australian doctor in Vietnam but she leaves him carrying his child. He meets Soo Ling, a young Vietnamese girl with a baby but she is not what he thinks. He marries Soo Ling for her safety but she falls into the world of drugs and prostitution servicing American servicemen. He falls into despair and the only thing that keeps him going is Carrie but she seems not to want anything to do with him. His life of booze, womanising brings him closer to destruction and he wonders why he is still here.

Will he survive and will he be reconciled with Carrie?

Author: pitchstory

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