Feature Film: IMPERVIOUS, by Al Hallak


Written by: Al Hallak

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Horror

Tagline: Evil Knows Your Name

When Katie moved back into her childhood home, she was looking forward to finally putting the past behind her. However, she had no idea of the horrors that were yet to come. While facing her fears of the basement, she innocently discovers old photos and newspaper clippings about a family who once lived in the house. She quickly realizes that this just wasn’t any family, it was her family – and they were all victims of a vicious murder. As Katie seeks to learn more about her family’s history and the circumstances surrounding their untimely demise, frightening things begin to happen.

Katie is a successful entrepreneur who has struggled for years to put her painful childhood behind her. At a young age, she was orphaned when her parents were killed in a tragic car accident.

While she moved on with her life and thought she had to terms with the death of her parents, she could never shake the fear she had whenever she ventured near the basement in her childhood home. There was something about that room that gave her goosebumps every time, but she was never quite able to put her finger on it. Whenever she heard unexplained noises, Katie’s grandmother Suzan would simply tell her that nothing was there. But Katie knew better.

Years later Susie dies of natural causes and at the funeral Katie learns that her grandmother left the house to her. Those old feelings immediately begin to resurface but grownup and independent, Katie decides to move back to the house and reconcile her past.

She settles in and soon re-connects with her childhood friends, Sarah and John. As the trio reminisces one evening over dinner, John mentions a fourth friend named Lucie, who was killed by a snake when camping in the desert with her parents. Katie was there when this tragedy unfolded and clearly recalls Lucie screaming for help. Scared, Katie ran away and didn’t help her friend. It was a move Katie would come to regret.

That very night, Katie hears familiar voices coming from the basement. Against her better judgement, Katie grabs a flashlight and heads downstairs. Relieved to find nothing, she rummages around some old boxes and finds old pictures of her parents holding her when she was little. Under the photos, Katie is shocked to find an article about the murder of her parents. She also uncovers a terrifying picture of Lucie.

The next day, Katie describes to Sarah what she found and invites Sarah to stay with her in the house for few days so they can solve this puzzling development. But Sarah doesn’t prove to be much help as she pokes fun of Katie’s fears of the dark basement. That night, when Katie hears voices calling her name, she wakes Sarah and the women decide to put Katie’s fears to rest once and for all. They head downstairs, but don’t get very far before they are startled when a frightening little girl appears and starts chasing them.

Katie manages to escape, but Sarah is trapped in the basement. Katie is chilled to the bone as she realizes that little girl is in fact Lucie’s evil spirit – and she killed her parents, seeking revenge on Katie for her own death.

Now Katie must find a way to make peace with her past to put Lucie’s spirit to rest, save Sarah from certain death and protect her own future.

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