Novel: Condemned Gold, by Alexander Kvachenyuk-Boretsky

ACTORTitle: Condemned Gold

Written by: Alexander Kvachenyuk-Boretsky

Type: Novel

Genre: Adventure

Logline: The novel begins with the nature description and acquaintance with one of the main characters Nikolay Yursky. He scouts out taiga backwoods for minerals alone. Why is he alone and why is the exploration a secret for all? Meanwhile the reader has nothing to do but to guess.

The novel begins with the nature description and acquaintance with one of the main characters Nikolay Yursky. He scouts out taiga backwoods for minerals alone. Why is he alone and why is the exploration a secret for all? Meanwhile the reader has nothing to do but to guess.

Gradually the action is carried to ” The Institute of Geology”, where Yursky works as a post-graduate at the department, which has been headed by the candidate of the science Artemiev up to the recent time. But a year ago the scientist disappeared without leaving a trace. He disappears after he has found improbably rich goldfields in Siberia and a corrupted criminal gang has become aware of his discovery. The gang starts hunting Artemiev. But all the attempts to press on the scientist doesn’t bring any results. He refuses to reveal the secret of the bosom to gangsters. But the young scientist Yursky, Artemiev’s disciple, turns out to be under the heel of an unscrupulous moneymaker – an official in science, the rector of “The Institute of Geology” Severkov. Through him corruption people find the unique goldfield. But nevertheless Artemiev and Yursky don’t give up without fighting.

In parallel with the main plot line (isolated at the beginning) it is narrated about the fate of the American owner of gold-mines Wilkie Farmer, who finds his happiness with Russian girl from provinces. As the fates decree she gets to prison. So, the action is carried to a camp for convicts.

New characters appear on the stage such as warden Leonid Sahar, and his guards. All of them are hunting the gold. Gradually the conflict between the plunderers of the nature riches and true citizens of their Motherland intensifies and turns out to involve Wilkie Farmer and his wife Jane Smith who knows the unique goldfield’s location the same as Artemiev. In exchange of this information Jane is promised to meet her son. The destiny separated them many years ago. The tension increases when the action is transferred to the Siberian taiga backwoods. A prison’s boss Sahar goes away farther and farther from the camp pursuing escaped convicts. The pursuit is successful. But the convicts’ trace brings Leonid Sahar and his subordinates to the Green valley with a blue lake in the middle. Water in the lake is crystal-pure, and the flat coast and the bottom of it are covered with gold sand and nuggets.

Having seen such amount of gold, Leonid Sahar decides to get rid of witnesses. After all the secret of the Green valley is revealed! The scientist Artemiev, Nikolay Ursky and the other geologists, who find themselves being in the center of the tragic events are going to follow the guards. Risking their life, they come victors out an unequal fight with corruption people and criminals hired by them to punish Artemiev. Trying то compete with Sahar, bandits at the head of Ernest Kovalev had their eyes on the unique goldfield. But, alas, good luck was not on their side.

However the death of some negative characters in the novel was only a peculiar preparation to the novel’s climax. Moral victory won over the jailer Sahar became much more important and significant for defenseless geologists. As an award for this victory they have got something greater than inexhaustible reserves of gold kept in the Green valley. This is told in the epilogue.

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The novel “Condemned goldmail” or“Russian scenario for Hollywood” (in Russian, ISBN)

A pregnant geologist, Lyubov Artemieva, discovers a large deposit of gold in an isolated section of Russia, and when she goes to stakes her claim, she is apprehended and put in prison where the chief of prisons, Leonid Sahar, kidnaps her newborn son and uses him to force Lyubov to disclose the location of the gold. Wilkie Farmer, a wealthy gold miner in America, vacationing in Russia, hears of the ordeal and where the child is hid and he uses his wealth to break Lyubov from the Russian prison where they hurry to America to find her kidnapped son.

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