Read the best of NEW Movie Pitches from around the world:

WILDsound Festival

Deadline: FEATURE Screenplay Festival – Get FULL FEEDBACK. Get script performed by professional actors

Read the best of NEW Movie Pitches from around the world:

Title: Simonton’s Bar…

Written by: James Simonton

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Comedy

Title: The Hair…

Written by: Crystal Melville

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Thriller, Horror, Supernatural

Title: Beauty – A Beautiful Face…

Written by: Frank Floyd

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Drama

Title: Trials of Subetrmina…

Written by: Coreetta Buchan

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Mystery-Suspense


Written by: Gary Clemenceau

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Mystery-Fantasy-Western-Horror-Comedy

Title: Bad Moon Rising…

Written by: Tessa B. Dick

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Horror, Supernatural

Title: The Delos Society…

Written by: Juan Antonio Garcia & Mary Loritz

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Science Fiction

Title: Love Spell…

Written by: Oma Stanescu

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Drama


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Read the best of NEW Television Show Loglines and Pitches:

WILDsound Festival

Deadline: TV PILOT/SPEC Script Festival – Get FULL FEEDBACK. Get script performed by professional actors

Read the best of NEW Television Show Loglines and Pitches:

Title: No Name

Written by: Lorin Lauran

Type: TV Series

Genre: Mystery, Suspense

Title: The Adventures of Caleb Parker

Written by: Joseph Okojie

Type: TV Series

Genre: Animation, Supernatural, Action

Title: Inside Game…

Written by: Goran Marjanovic

Type: TV Series

Genre: Crime, Thriller, Supernatural

Title: Pick up or Delivery?…

Written by: Jared Griffith

Type: TV Series

Genre: Comedy

Title: XO10

Written by: Barrie English

Type: TV Series

Genre: Drama, Thriller, Sci Fi

Title: EarthKill…

Written by: Diane Valterra

Type: TV Series

Genre: Sci-Fi-Romance

Title: Posthuman…

Written by: Wesley Gray

Type: TV Series

Genre: Sci-Fi-Thriller

Title: The Justice Club…

Written by: Jennifer Lang

Type: TV Series

Genre: Crime, Drama

Title: Mulligan’s…

Written by: Chris Jacobs


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Read over 150 short screenplay loglines in 27 genres

WILDsound Festival

Interested in making a short film and need a great script? Or, just interested in reading short movie pitches? Click the links and read over 150 short screenplay loglines:

Or, read short screenplay loglines in their selected genres:

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Feature Screenplay Submission Testimonials from WILDsound Festival

WILDsound Festival

Read a WILDsound Festival Review. Various comments and opinions from writers who submitted to the festival.

FULL FEEDBACK on all submissions. Winners get their screenplay performed by professional actors.

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Testmonials (updated weekly):

As usual, totally impressed by, and very appreciative of, the below critique! Thank you so much and I will work on the edits you speak of in my next draft.
– Michael Zamanis
Drive-Thru, Feature Screenplay

Thank you for the very informative feedback. I really appreciate the diverse perspective that was given. Again, thank you.
– Jamison Derfler
God’s Will, Feature Screenplay

Thank you so much for the very helpful feedback!
– JR
Not Another Vampire Story, Feature Script

Thanks very much for the feedback!! It was a bit brutal to read. But thanks again very much!! Now I have a bit more direction and certainly got more than my…

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