Mystery/Thriller TV SHOW: NIGHT WIND TO BAHIA, by Thomas Thorpe

ACTORTitle: Night Wind to Bahia

Written by: Thomas Thorpe

Type: TV Series

Genre: Thriller, Mystery

Logline: Night wind to Bahia is a thriller about an ailing, penniless nobleman searching for his wife when he uncovers a blood transfusion plot to kill Brazil’s prince, Dom Pedro II. Having secured a vial of Cholera immunizing blood, he must choose either to save his own life, obtain reward for reviving the leader or rescue his wife from the conspirators.

Synopsis: A clipper ship heads into a violent storm. Cholera has wiped out everyone on board except two passengers: William a former nobleman determined to recover his manor, and his wife Elizabeth, resolved to save her aunt’s failed coffee farm. They fight for their lives before the vessel crashes on a Bahian shore.

On a deserted beach, the refugees become separated. William tracks his missing wife, but discovers murder at the Coelho sugar plantation. Accused of killing the owner, he is held hostage by a notorious landlord, Alfonso and learns that his wife may have been taken to Rio de Janeiro to participate in a dangerous blood transfusion, sixty years before blood typing. The experiment purports to save eight-year old future leader, Dom Pedro II who has contracted the cholera.

William arrives in Rio where he encounters Emile Rojas, a radical speaking out against land barons and learns that the blood test is really an attempt to assassinate young ruler. He is too late to stop the test, but finds a vial of blood with immunity properties. He holds health, wealth or happiness in the tiny jar of red. He could save his own life, receive one million reis from the Brazilian government to revive its future leader or rescue his wife from the conspirators in exchange for the vessel, but there’s only enough blood for one.

A final confrontation takes place at the Coelho plantation where a slave revolt led by Rojas lays siege and the conspirators become casualties. The castaways escape to a ship for passage home.

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