FEATURE FILM: The Followers by Brendan Byrne

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Jessie Lomax has always hung out with the wrong crowd; turning a blind eye to all the hate and online bullying that her friends subject others to for their own amusement.

Now, she finds herself wrapped up in this new age world of social media, where lush parties, drugs and alcohol, fuel the bikini-clad babes and muscled up guys, as she is dragged along by friends Kailanni and Xander, to the biggest social media party of the year; “Our Social Playground”.

All the falseness of pseudo-humans hiding behind their selfies and filters are gathered together, striving to achieve their overnight socialite status, but at what cost are they willing to go to achieve fame?

As someone from Jessie’s childhood resurfaces, she is forced to come to terms with her troubled past as two masked lunatics play a game of cat and mouse, terrorising Jessie and her friends.

Now, tied up, and all alone in an old abandoned cabin, she quickly learns that in the online faux reality of social media, not everyone that follows you online is a friend, which begs the question … Do you know who’s following you?

Writer Biography

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Brendan Byrne grew up in Sydney, NSW, Australia, with an Aunty, Grand Mother and Sister who were always acting in theatre, so, it was no wonder Brendan was destined to become an actor also… It’s in his blood.

However, Brendan was a reasonably late starter in the acting industry and didn’t get involved until he was 22. He started out as an extra on TV Shows, such as ‘Headlands’, ‘Home and Away’, and various commercials before finding he had a natural talent for acting and didn’t want to be in the background anymore. He quickly delved head first into his new found lifestyle of filmmaking and acting.

He is now 33 and has proven himself to be an up and coming artist, with more than 20 films under his belt. He has continued to impress audiences with his array of method acting skills in roles such as a hitman in the short film ‘Bleeding Backs’, three lead roles in feature films (among other things), from the lead detective in a mysterious murder case in ‘The Navigator’, to the desolate father who is grieving his dead wife and daughter in ‘Blind Justice’ but none more noticeable than the Aussie Outback Horror film ‘There’s Something In The Pilliga’ where his character ‘Jay’ was described as the love child of ‘Chopper Reed’ and ‘Mick Taylor’.

Brendan believes that, in order to get noticed as an actor, you need product, and there just wasn’t enough product going around, so, he decided to create his own. Brendan developed his own company called ‘Shadow Wolves Productions’ and has since written, acted, and produced his own feature films, and also helped produce ‘Death’s Waiting Room’, and his sister’s film ‘Phoenix Rising’ which are both set to be released later this year.

Brendan truly is an asset to any production, on and off the camera, Brendan’s keen eye for detail and wanting the best out of himself and his peers is what motivates others on a film set. Having Directed indie films himself, he knows how to talk to other directors and also to other actors, therefore also knows how to listen and interpret other directors, he believes to be a good leader you also need to be a good follower, and Brendan can do both.

Writer Statement

To get noticed, you need product; if there isn’t any product available … then create your own.

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