Short Film Pitch: In My End Is My Beginning, Director G’son Biswas

The short film reflects an amalgamation and collision of diverse lifestyles, concerns, characters with their differential dynamics of life. The cyclical notion along with it’s projection of time through lighting, i.e., day-night-dawn-day provides an imputable structure of the narrative of life. Through deliberate jerky timelapse, the film projects distinguished characters and their mundane activities on the basis of culture, religion (e.g. when a group of Tablig visit to preach) and ideology.

  • G. B. G.Son
  • Abid Sarker Shohag, Siam Raihan, Sardar Zahid, Oliur Sun, Shoeb, Fuad, Partha
    Key Cast
  • Gopa Biswas Caesar

Short Film Pitch: CITIZENS, Director Marc Nadal

Poster ciudadano pre copia 6  palmaresThe lack of jobs leads citizens into an emergency situation that pits them against each other. In the face of violence and injustice citizens like Noe suffer from the absence of effective laws.

Director Biography

Marc nadal

Marc Nadal (born in Barcelona in 1989) is a film director and screenwriter, received the award for Best Director in “Festival de cine” of Sant Vicenç de Castellet. Participates in international festivals and exhibitions with films like “Ante la araña”, “Marionetas”, “La rosa congelada”, “La piel y el alma” and “El espejo humano”. Starts making short films in 2008 as a director and is involved in other projects such as script, photography and production. In 2012 he obtained the degree in film directing at Bande à Part, Barcelona film School.

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Short Film Pitch: Desert Solitaire, Director Ben Fields

Bandana 2A struggling writer living in desert seclusion receives clues that lead him to the end of his story.

Director Biography

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Park ranger, underwater archaeologist, classical and blues guitarist, writer, photographer, and most recently… filmmaker.

Short Film Pitch: Marketed Collecting, Director Daukantė Subačių

Comp 1 1 00261Cheap collectibles (also known as manufactured collectibles) are objects made for one purpose only: to be collected. It could seem that the decision to purchase a collectible is only influenced by a peer or through a random find at a flea market, but in a lot of cases marketing has stepped in. Fake limited edition buttons try to persuade consumers to buy quickly; misleading articles on the rising value of a certain collectible promise instant profits; eBay alerts remind potential buyers of auctions about to close: all these incentives awaken competitiveness, just like a video of someone opening of new package of Pokémon cards on YouTube wets the appetite of other collectors.

Infomercials shown on late night television define problems we never knew we had and then suggest a product that supposedly solves it. My infomercials draw attention to the experience of collecting by focusing on the personal satisfaction achieved through collecting. They offer substitute products that could bring a similar sense of fulfilment that collectors experience when they acquire a new item. Various brands of collectibles sell display cases that use graphics or voids to mark the spot for a specific action figure. The joy of placing that object in a perfectly suited spot almost forces the collector to buy every toy in the series. Marketers are in control of rising action figure sales while collectors are given the impression that they are in control over their collections, and perhaps their lives.


Short Film Pitch: LIFE GUARD, Director Peyami Altıntaş

Whatsapp image 2017 04 18 at 22.37.13At the Ankara Fire Department; The difficulty and sanctity of the firefighting profession, various accidents, fires and bombed terrorist attacks are all described by firemen in all their realism.

Director Biography

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In 1995, he came to the world in the city of Kecioren in Ankara. After Kamil Ocak Primary School, Kalaba Anatolian High School continued its education life. Interest in cinematography began at a young age and failed short-film experiments in high school. Erciyes University, which is currently studying, is involved in radio, television and cinema, short-film fiction and documentary film projects.

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