Short Film Pitch: MASQUAGE, Director Arshia Zeinali

Photo 2017 08 06 14 48 43Masquage is a short film about 3 generation of a family that hide a fact from each other. Each generation hide this fact in a special way, even their reaction against this secrecy is completely different with each other

Director Biography

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Arshia Zeinali
30 years old , from Iran
Cinema and Theater , Playwriter , Shortfilmswriter , Theater and Cinema director
Soore Art University’s student / And my course is Theater directing
Directing 7 Play , Play in 10 Play And 3 Play as Writer
Play in many Shortfilm and movi more than 20 times
Director of 4 Shortfilm by the name of (Good , Bad , Ugly) / (A Beatiful mind ) / ( Masquage ) / ( From Left To Right ) / (Hypnotism ) / ( At First Sight )

Cinematic activities.((short films ))
1: descent/ Director Saeed Moterased/ Actor Arshia Zeinali. 2: Love chain/Director Saeed Moterased/Assistant director Arshia Zeinali.
3: One day at the camp/ Director Shahriar Pour Seyedian Actor Arshia Zeinali.
4: Soleyman territory/Director Shahriar Bahrani. Actor Arshia Zeinali.
5: Buried alive/Director Shahriar Pour Seyedian/ Actor Arshia Zeinali.
6: Cold land/Director Shahriar Pour Seyedian./ Actor Arshia Zeinali/ Sound recordist Arshia Zeinali.
7: zero point./ Director Mohsen Razi./ Actor Arshia Zeinali. 8: Shaman. / Director Rahim Toofan. / Actor Arshia Zeinali. 9: Hanging./ Director Ali Forhani/ Actor Arshia Zeinali. 10: A bottle of milk./ Director Amir reza Amjadi./Actor Arshia Zeinali.
11: Hole/Director Meysam Davoodi/ Actor Arshia Zeinali. 12: Gift/ Director Saeed Moterased/ Actor Arshia Zeinali . 13: The Era/Director Kimia Khosravi/ Actor Arshia Zeinali. 14: good bad Ugly/Director Arshia Zeinali.
15: A beautiful mind/ Director Arshia Zeinali.
16: who./ Director Pouria Parto/ Actor Arshia Zeinali. 17: masquerade/ Director Arshia Zeinali . 18:From left to right/ Director Arshia Zeinali. 19: Hypnosis/ Director Arshia Zeinali.
20: Glance/ Director Arshia Zeinali.
21: Alternation. / Director Ali Forhani / Actor Arshia Zeinali. 22: Forgotten./ Director Ali Barari/ Actor Arshia Zeinali. 23: Mother/Director Hashem Tohidi/Actor Arshia Zeinali. 24: Forbidden hunting/ Director Hasan Mohajer / Actor Arshia Zeinali.
25: Deadlock/ Director Hamid reza Hamzehpour/Actor Arshia Zeinali.

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