Short Film Pitch: THE CHASING REALITY (Dir. Nazar Germanov)

Cae0a6115c postercountry: USA,Israel
duration: 17 min
genre: mystery Thriller

One evening a successful photographer Adam returns home taking a shortcut through the woods. not noticing in the fog young girl, Adam shot the girl on the road.Fearing the consequences of losing a positive reputation.He leave the girl to die on the ground in the cold forest. time passes as Adam began to see nightmares in his sleep and feelings of paranoia that the victim of the accident began to pursue him.The condition of Adam every day became worse and life was divided into before and after the accident. The outcome of the film will be a surprise for the viewers

Director Biography

Ac45762632 headshot

31 years old.was born in Kiev (Ukraine).Professional painter is a landscape painter. For 8 years worked as a choreographer – Latin American dances. traveled for many years around the world

Director Statement

In the production of film I try to do it in my specific style and most importantly for me is to keep the dynamics so that the viewer has always been in tension.
My next work in progress-the film *535* -the plot and atmosphere will be a big surprise for the audience

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