Feature Film: WELCOME TO CALDRON, by Abdul Malik & William Fuentes

E2b0d7c2a4 posterIn a small southern town, two warring groups of protestors square off over the perceived presence of an old confederate monument inside the town’s public park. During the ensuing melee the monument is destroyed – releasing a hellish demon upon everyone in the town. Now trapped, the two groups must form an alliance if they wish to stand a chance against the creature’s murderous rampage. But old hatreds die hard, as some would rather make a deal with the devil than honor a truce with a sworn enemy.

Writer Biography

9a73bee28c headshot

Art, Music, Mosley.

Writer Statement

You better wake up. The world you live in is just a sugar-coated topping! There is another world beneath it: the real world. And if you wanna survive it, you better learn to PULL THE TRIGGER!

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