Short Film: An Urban Adventure, by Robert Leach

Title of Story: An Urban Adventure

Written by: Robert Leach

Logline: Short Film Pitch: An Urban Adventure

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Family, Fantasy

This story takes place in an urban neighborhood, Bed-Stuy Brooklyn, that is rapidly being upgraded/gentrified. A lot of the newcomers, and longtime residents have pets. The movie is based around their dreams, and aspirations, and with a comic twist, the thoughts and conversations, of their pets.

Main Characters:

DJ Storm a.k.a. Juan Carlos Alvarez- A Hispanic male from Spain, that moved to the borough of Brooklyn. He’s in town with his wife Maria, a gorgeous Italian. She works in a upscale coffee house/restaurant, as a barista. She writes screenplays, and is looking to break into the movie business. They moved into a newly renovated building, that charges top market rates.

Because of DJ Storm’s internet presence, and fan base, he was able to secure a residency DJing job, at a popular Manhattan club. This enables him and his wife to pay the bills, and chase their dreams.

DJ Storm put together a hot mixtape. He’s shopping it around to get major worldwide distribution, and top level management. Right now, he’s building his brand, marketing, and promoting his work, on the internet(SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Beatport, etc.).

Maria networks, at local film festivals, and events, while sending out her screenplays.

Peter Silver- A partner in Crown Capital, a venture fund specializing in funding internet, and media startups. He just purchased a brownstone that was fully gutted, with a top of the line upscale renovation. He has a steady girlfriend Linda Friedman.

Linda Friedman- A senior VP, of music licensing, and music clearance at a major TV network/media company. She lives in Manhattan in an inherited condo.

DJ Storm meets and befriends Peter Silver at the local dog run in the neighborhood. DJ Storm invites Peter Silver to the club in the expectation, of taking his career to the next level.

Fred Harris- Owns a recently opened pet store, with a great dog grooming capabilities. Fred Harris enters his Scottish Terrier in the top dog show event at Madison Square Garden. He invites DJ Storm, and his wife, and Peter Silver and his girlfriend, who are clients at his Pet Store.


1. The Yemeni whole food/ fresh grocery deli.
2. The candle-maker who sells his product on the corner.
3. Dog Run- Prospect Park, local neighborhood park.
4. Dog show at Madison Square Garden.
5. Neighborhood streets.
6. The club
7. Restaurant
8. Networking events
9. Homes of main characters.

Neighborhood interactions meeting local creatives, and longtime residents.

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