Short Film: NEVERLAND, by Sara Eustaquio

Short script written by Portuguese multi-award winning young filmmaker Sara Eustaquio, 17, director of “4242” and “Mirror”. Project in pre-production. Filming starts late 2017.

Do you like yourself? Can you feel something?
A group of teenagers spend a night out together challenging emotions and feelings in a place called Neverland. A place they gonna find it’s not only physical.

• Best Screenplay (The Buddha International Film Festival), June 2017, India
• Award of Recognition (Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger) (Best Shorts Competition), September 2017, USA
• Best Screenplay Writing (2nd Place) (Philadelphia Youth Film Festival), November 2017, USA

• Nomination for Best Screenplay (IndustryBOOST Competition), November 2016, USA
• Nomination for Best Screenplay (Youth 18) (Newark International Film Festival), September 2017, USA

Other Official Selections:
• Mediterranean Film Festival, December 2016, Italy
• Lake Charles Film & Music Festival, October 2017, USA
• Independent Film Collaborative, December 2017, Bangladesh
• Steps International Short Films Festival, March 2018, Syria

Writer Biography

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Sara Eustáquio, born in September 1999, is a Portuguese young filmmaker who currently lives in Los Angeles. She is a BFA student majoring Film and Video at CalArts (California Institute of The Arts).

Passionate about photography and movies since the childhood, she shot at 14, in Portugal, her first short film, “Elizabeth” (about teenage bullying), with a small digital camera. The project began as a simple artistic presentation for an English class in high school. The enthusiasm with which it was received led her to upload it on YouTube. Surprisingly, the homemade video reached over 10,000 views in the first days (

After that, she started becoming involved in some local school and youth associations’ video productions.

In May 2016, at 16, Sara released “4242”, her first short fiction narrative film, also produced in Portugal ( “4242” got 54 awards, 34 nominations and was officially selected for 176 international film festivals in 40 countries (

In August 2016, she successfully completed an intensive summer program in filmmaking at New York Film Academy, in New York City, where she made her second narrative fiction, the micro-short mystery film “Mirror” ( “Mirror” got 82 awards, 31 nominations and was officially selected for 194 international film festivals in 32 countries (

In October 2016, Sara wrote a short script entitled “Neverland”. The screenplay got 3 awards, 2 nominations and was officially selected for 9 international film festivals in 5 countries.

In November 2016, Sara was awarded a medal of merit by the mayor of her hometown, Torres Vedras, for her remarkable personal achievements in filmmaking. In January 2017, Sara was awarded another prize of merit by the board of her high school, Escola Secundaria Henriques Nogueira, for her remarkable personal achievements in filmmaking and inspirational path for Portuguese students.

In April 2017, she was awarded a scholarship by the Walt and Lilly Disney Foundation for her college studies.

In November 2017, Sara was awarded a diploma of recognition by the City of Los Angeles for her “dedication to improving the local and global community through youth media arts”.

In December 2017, Sara completed a new microfilm, “Creation”, her first experimental work directed in California as a student project in CalArts ( “Creation” got 4 awards, 2 nominations and was officially selected for 13 international film festivals in 5 countries.

Writer Statement

“This is my third short script to support the cinematic experience I have in mind for my next film project. This is a brief glimpse of the anguish and doubts of teenagers when they start to realize it’s time to be an adult. There’s no place for this story, despite the visual concept having Western elements.”

Sara Eustáquio, 17 (through her legal tutor and representative) declares that holds all copyrights of ‘Neverlad’ short script (fiction narrative).

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