Feature Film: BATTER UP, by David Goldstein

Title: Batter Up

Written By: David Goldstein

Genre: Crime, Mystery


Batter Up is a murder mystery involving a homicide detective who is a former baseball player.

The lead detective was part of a HS baseball team, whose members are being brutally murdered 20 years later. As the investigation proceeds, he finds three possible suspects, but becomes a potential victim himself.

Elliot Kravitz was a member of a high school baseball team that won the state championship in the early sixties. Now 20 years later he is chief homicide detective and a reunion is planned for his old team. Then the coach is murdered and shortly thereafter two other teammates. Elliot arrests one suspect, a man who was ejected from the team unjustly. But it is the wrong guy. The actual murderer abducts Elliot on the night of the reunion and prepares to do him in as well. In the final scene he and two teammates are tied to chairs and the killer picks up a baseball bat. How can Elliot survive this?


David Goldstein is a new writer. His initial screenplay “The Exit” won the Best Screenplay award at the Christian Film Festival in December 2017. That script is a medical drama.

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