Feature Film: Man In The Mirror, by Juanita Chambers

Man In The Mirror is a story about a successful basketball player name Jackson who feels as if he is on top of his game. And with him idolizing everything, he forgets about the one person that helped him get to where he is now. Everything in Jackson life changes when Aneissa walks into his life. It wasn’t until then, when Jackson is stripped of everything. Unknown to his knowledge, the soul reason for her walking into his life was to show him; himself. Feeling as though he has lost everything, he doesn’t turn to the main person that gave and blessed him with his success, he turns to the one person Leviathan, whom he thinks may give him back the successful life he had once before, but not without a price.

How far is Jackson willing to go just to have it all? Or is he willing to stop and take a look in the mirror and see what Aneissa has been trying to show him the whole time. The man God sees.

I know that Man In The Mirror will have audience and people around the world asking themselves if they’ve looked in the mirror lately?


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Writer Biography – Juanita Chambers

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Being adopted I really never felt that I fit in. I remember when I was 6 years old when I first realized my love for television after watching The Young And The Restless, and wanting to play a character. But it wasn’t until I was in the second grade that I realized my passion for writing. Once I picked up a pen or pencil, it was then my world around me became my story. Writing takes me away from everything. I am bless most of all because it was God that blessed me with this gift. And with that being said, I will use my talent to glorify his name.

Writer Statement

Anyone can write, but it take a special person to capture and audience.

Feature Film: ID, by Timothy Noordermeer

Title of Story: Id

Written by: Timothy Noordermeer

Logline: A mentally unstable, police officer investigates the brutal killings of a mysterious-hooded figure after receiving a letter describing the death of her son.

Genre: Horror

Type: Feature Screenplay

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Feature Film: THE EVOLVED, by Matt Solazzo

Title of Story: The Evolved

Written by: Matt Solazzo

Logline: Seven unconventional warriors must find a new safe haven for fellow survivors while being hunted by aliens bent on cleansing the earth of humanity.

Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Post-Apocalyptic

Type: Feature Screenplay

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Feature Film: LOGLINE: MY LIL’ HOMIES ,by Sego Ayah & Joseph A. Hurry

 This is an urban action drama feature-length script.

LOGLINE: MY LIL’ HOMIES is a fast-paced tale of crime, betrayal, revenge and racial tension in the inner city of Detroit when it was the Mecca for black music.

Karl is a young white man who has many black friends who live in the city. This creates problems for Karl’s father, a racist judge who is lured by greed into shady dealings with local drug pushers. Jerry is Karl’s best friend a young boy who grows up to be part of a promising singing group called the Soul Impressions. The story details how the effects of drugs, violence, crooked policemen and the manipulation of criminals thwart the characters’ hopes and dreams. Ken and David lose their lives, as does Karl when he exposes his own father as the mastermind behind a powerful crime syndicate. This is an intriguing character study with stark realism, accessible language and varied assortment of personalities outlined in the text.



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Feature Film: Color me Purple, by Fernely Durand

A “genzee” perspective on the story of Cain and Abel. Two sisters are forced to come together and save their father from dying of liver cancer. Inspired by true events the writer endured.

  • Script Type:
    Student, Screenplay
  • Number of Pages:
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
  • Script Language:


Writer Biography – Fernely Durand

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A young aspiring Haitian-American filmmaker from Syracuse University.

Writer Statement

There’s a saying, “Life without adversity is a classroom without lessons.” I cherish all my experiences no matter how painful.

Feature Film: BLACK, by Johnny Aangraj

64ffb35395 posterSynopsis (Black):
Genre – Romance, Crime, Drama
Oneliner – A girl’s death completes a Writer’s story.
The screenplay is in Chapters. It begins with a prologue & then goes back from Chapter 5 to Chapter 1 and ends with Epilogue.
Prologue -We see a MMS of a boy, Vikrant(27) & a girl.
Chapter 5 – “Death of the Protagonist” – A girl named Alia(22), protagonist of the story, is dead & being buried in a graveyard.The inspector Randeep(40) with junior Inspector Adamya (32) reach the place of death, Alia’s house for investigation. They find – Poison bottle outside the Kitchen window in lawn, a completely crushed cup in dustbin, a bag almost full with cash, burnt will papers, many bookshelves, whip, handcuffs, stains of blood on bed sheet & few more things there. Finally they find a Marriage certificate of Alia with Vikrant(27) in bedroom.
Chapter 4–“Rashomon in Inspector’s Cabin” – In this chapter Inspector is talking to people who know Alia. Inspector Randeep & Adamya meets maid of that house who had first seen Alia dead & also she saw a man, Vikrant, in the house. Then they meet with her doctor, lawyer, few neighbors, principal of the school where she use to teach, school children, NGO lady with whom Alia was planning to donate her money (50 Lacks) & huge part of her property & few more people. After all these meetings Randeep feels more confused. And then he orders to find Vikrant, because his name was in Marriage certificate & according to the maid he was there at the time of death when she arrived in the house.
Chapter 3–Writer Gets His Story – This chapter begins with the introduction of 2nd most important character of this story, Nayan (27). He is a writer in bollywood. He usually comes to Shimla for writing in peace that’s why many people know him here. Inspector Randeep is more than his elder brother & he helps him in research of any real crime incidents. In shimla, he stays in his friend’s hotel. So now Randeep discusses with him about the current murder incident & Nayan gets shock after hearing the name, Alia. Actually he met Alia few days ago. Nayan begins with his investigation and first he goes to Alia’s shop, which is closed & locks are sealed. Nayan asks the nearby shopkeepers & other people about Alia. Suddenly a mad beggar starts shouting and pointing towards Nayan. Beggar says – Nayan has killed that girl. Nayan is horrified, hearing his name as the murderer. But people don’t belief on that mad beggar. As Nayan reaches his Hotel, he gets a diary which came as a parcel a week ago. He starts reading it & finds that a girl has written about a Prostitute’s feeling & profession. But after reading few lines he gets to know that it is written by Alia. She is telling about herself. He is shocked because he was unaware about this profession of hers. In the diary she has mentioned about types of prostitute, types of customers & many more things. She has also written that not all customers hire her for sex, few of them just want to chat, some discuss their personal life problems & even few of them use to cry in front of her during these coversations. She has written that they did not want a naked body, they needed a mother, they needed a friend, in front of which they can discuss all their problems. Actually those kinds of people are suffering from too much loneliness. But after completing first diary he is confused because she has not written that why she became a prostitute. There was nothing written about it in the diary. He is too confused & curious to know about it. Suddenly he remembers that she has told him something about her childhood, and just then he decides to go there. He calls his line producer friend & asks about the location which Alia discussed. He quickly takes his friend’s car & rushes to that place. As he reaches that village after much difficulty, he gets a surprise that the girl he wants to know about is dead 4 years ago and a person saw her commiting suicide. Nayan gets even more confused & returns to Shimla.
Chapter 2 – “2nd & Last Love Story” – Vikrant is arrested now & is sitting in front of Inspector Randeep. He tells – Day before the murder night, Alia called him & asked him to marry her but he refused because he was already married. Inspector Randeep feels that he is hiding something, so he says to Vikrant – I am the only one who knows that you have not murdered her, so please tell me everything. Then Vikrant tells – Alia was his girlfriend in collage time & ditched her because he did not have much feeling for her. After the discussion, Vikrant is standing outside with his wife when suddenly someone comes & fires bullet on Vikrant & flees away. Randeep tries to catch him. Chasing the shooter, Inspector Randeep reaches the same hospital where Alia was admitted at the death time. He searches for the shooter but did not succeed. The next day Randeep is with Nayan now & they are discussing the progress in this case. He tells Nayan that someone is trapping Vikrant into wrong accusation. At last Randeep tells that now he is planning to meet one of their common friend Aveen(35), who has an apparel showroom in Chandigarh. The apparel showroom clicks in Nayan’s mind & he matches that Alia has also the same showroom. He decides to meet Aveen before Randeep could. After the meeting, Junior Inspector Adamya comes there & informs Randeep that he has been transferred. Everyone is shocked & disappointed. On the same night Nayan departs for Chandigarh to meet Aveen. Aveen tells Nayan that she was also planning to meet him, but she had a fear that he will start thinking of her as an accused. Aveen gives Nayan a soft copy of a Story written by Alia and says – in the last meeting Alia was saying, she wants to make a film on her life & you can can help her. That’s why she wanted to give this story to you. After the meeting Nayan feels that she may also be involved in Alia’s murder. Nayan leaves for Shimla.
Chapter 1 -“1st & Last Love Story”–Nayan starts reading the story & after a page he is surprised to know that Alia has written about all the incidents about him. She has written about how she met him & all the meetings & discussions in between them. Nayan feels that she was in love with him. The most beautiful part of this chapter is the game which she plays with him in the pre climax, to check the honesty & purity of Nayan. The last words of Alia for Nayan were – I will pray to God that you get a good story for your film very soon. As he complets the story, he feels that she was in deep love with him. But still he is not able to understand that by whom & why she was murdered. Now he plans to return back to Mumbai.
In the last Montage – He is planning to leave the city. He is visiting all the places where he went with Alia. He is missing her badly. Finally he is sitting quitely in front of her Shop pondering over past events & suddenly some past discussion with Alia comes to him. He starts remembering few major points written in diary & discussed with her which starts making sense now. Nayan underlines the major points in the diary & the soft copy. Alia was aware of this old habit of Nayan….
Finally Nayan is able to crack the mystery of Alia’s death & he gets his story. He smiles.
Epilogue– He goes to the house of Aveen for a cup of coffee.


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Writer Biography – Johnny Aangraj

E4149a6682 headshot

I have worked as –
• Director : Few short films, Recently Directed a Corporate AV for Gazol Lubricants.
• 2 Years Theatre experience and has enclosed 25 plays in different cities of India.
• Writer – Written Corporate Ad for Hindustan Unilever Ltd, The Final Cast (As a Writer – Producer – Humaramovie, Director – Krishan Hooda), Kaafir (for 70 mm talkies)
• Movies (as an AD) :
1.#Mahatma (Script Supervisor , Director – Gaurav Bakshi, Produer – Humaramovie)
2. Kaafir (Writer & AssociateDirector, Director – Zeeshan Ahmad, Producer – 70mm Talkies)
3. Iskool Bag (Chief AD, Director – Maanav Raj Singh, Producer – Y Star Cine & TV)
• Associate Director to : Sarthak Das Gupta, Mohammad Rafique, Devdoot Majumdaar, Mushaid Pasha, Ashok Chouhan, Krishan Hooda.
• Chief AD & 2nd Unit Director : (All in TV& Ads only) – Balaji Telefilms(SMT), Fremantle Media Pvt Ltd.(Codered Umeed & Tujhse Naraaz Nahi Zindagi), BBC Worldwide (Kaisi Ye Yariyan), Wizcraft International, Bodhi Tree (Ye Hai Ashiqui), Jaasvand Entertainments Pvt. Ltd. (Savdhan India) , Rajusha Productions, Kaira Craft Films (Pilot for DD), Lotus Talkies (Sun Yaar Try Maar), DJs Productions (Maryada), Spotlight Films, PMP Media Pvt. Ltd., Saregama (Savdhan India).
• Ad films (as an AD) : Rajasthan Patrika with Deepika Padukone & Ranbir Singh, Castrol, Asian FootballCup (also 2nd unit Director), Promo Shoot with Shraddha Kapoor & Farhan Akhtar for Rock On-2.
• Post Producer – Wizcraft (for IIFA & few Ads), BBC (Chetan Bhagat show – 2 states real couple)


Writer Statement

Trust me.

Short Film: JACK AND ANNA, by Ksenia Ivanova, Savannah Oakes

7814bb7fea posterJack and Anna is a story inspired by true events that happened in 1913 in Colorado and it’s a love story about two females, Helen Hilsher and Anna Slifka. Helen was originally from Denver, she was from a poor family, but she wanted to improve her life. The best option that she could think of was to move and become “Jack Hill”. In the small town called Meeker, in Colorado, “Jack” worked as a bartender when he met Anna, it was a moment that changed their lives forever as they truly fell in love. “Jack” opened his heart to Anna and they got married but one-day Helen was recognized and immediately arrested. Helen was taken to jail, then she was kept under house arrest for over a year of the trial.
The story in our film begins from the moment when “Jack” and Anna decide to leave their home, because “Jack” was recognized and it was very dangerous. The storyline is filled with flashbacks and short moments that show the relationship between Anna and Jack. The screenplay ends at the most tragic moment when “Jack” has been arrested and they see each other for the last time in their lives.

Writer Biography – Ksenia Ivanova, Savannah Oakes

Ksenia was born in Leningrad (now Saint-Petersburg). She studied Cultural Studies at Saint-Petersburg State University and studied Film and TV production at All-Russia State University of Cinematography (VGIK). During her studies at film school in Moscow, she worked on different TV shows, animation short series and documentaries as an assistant to producer and director. After her graduation she produced three independent films. In the spring of 2016, she was admitted to several MFA film programs in the United States. She decided on Columbia College in Chicago because she was awarded full tuition and a graduate assistantship. Since August of 2016, she has made four student films and she has been working as a teaching assistant.

Savannah Oakes, is a screenwriter from Chicago, Illinois. Savannah writes exclusively about women–usually women of color. Her stories focus on female sexuality, LGBTQ issues and mental illness. She is most familiar with short (Seven Times and Womb) and feature length (Nice Try and Pretty Girl) writing but has recently jumped to episodic with her miniseries The Fault of the Father following the troubled life of Anna Freud. Savannah loves to write in many different genres but is a sucker for dramas, psychological thrillers and dark comedies.