Feature Film: Man In The Mirror, by Juanita Chambers

Man In The Mirror is a story about a successful basketball player name Jackson who feels as if he is on top of his game. And with him idolizing everything, he forgets about the one person that helped him get to where he is now. Everything in Jackson life changes when Aneissa walks into his life. It wasn’t until then, when Jackson is stripped of everything. Unknown to his knowledge, the soul reason for her walking into his life was to show him; himself. Feeling as though he has lost everything, he doesn’t turn to the main person that gave and blessed him with his success, he turns to the one person Leviathan, whom he thinks may give him back the successful life he had once before, but not without a price.

How far is Jackson willing to go just to have it all? Or is he willing to stop and take a look in the mirror and see what Aneissa has been trying to show him the whole time. The man God sees.

I know that Man In The Mirror will have audience and people around the world asking themselves if they’ve looked in the mirror lately?


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Writer Biography – Juanita Chambers

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Being adopted I really never felt that I fit in. I remember when I was 6 years old when I first realized my love for television after watching The Young And The Restless, and wanting to play a character. But it wasn’t until I was in the second grade that I realized my passion for writing. Once I picked up a pen or pencil, it was then my world around me became my story. Writing takes me away from everything. I am bless most of all because it was God that blessed me with this gift. And with that being said, I will use my talent to glorify his name.

Writer Statement

Anyone can write, but it take a special person to capture and audience.

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