Short Film: Blooming Cactus, by Thea Marti

5edc09fb6a posterSharbat gets a cactus plant as a present from her grandfather. As the drought strikes the village, the despair of its inhabitants reaches its peak. The water is gone. The faith is lost. The cactus will never bloom. And her grandpa is dying. With an empty jar in her hand, tenacity in her eyes and strong faith in her heart, Sharbat approaches the only place of worship of the village. And though she does not belong to the same religion, she is firmly determined to pray for the rain.

Writer Biography

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Thea Marti is a Rome-based Ukrainian filmmaker and a founder of an audiovisual start up PhD Films, which has been included into 100 talented creative projects of Lazio Region 2018 and funded by “Migration Policies Fund –Year 2012” of the Italian Ministry of Labour and Social Policies.
After obtaining her MA in Japanese Language and Literature at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, she moves to Italy, where she obtains a 5-year scholarship from Lazio Region for her second master degree in Film and Audiovisual Studies at the University of Rome.
In 2009 a young filmmaker wins her first award from Istituto Luce Cinecittà for her directorial debut La Nazione Felice. During the following years she attends Film Studies courses at Oxford Brookes University, Birkbeck College of the University of London and Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3 within the international MA framework. At the same time she works as a production assistant for the cult director Alejandro Jodorowsky in Paris and obtains a research scholarship for her MA thesis dedicated to Intermediality and Mexican collective imagery in Luis Buñuel and Alejandro Jodorowsky’s movies. During her MA research at Cineteca Nacional de México she holds a presentation on Maya Deren’s experimental films, the topic of the previous research in her bachelor thesis.
The international filmography of Thea Marti counts more than 30 independent projects, including short films, short documentaries, video art, videoclips and trailers. Some of her works have been distributed by Minerva Pictures Group. Her short film “Balloons”, awarded for the best screenplay at CinePalium Fest in Apulia, will be produced in April 2018 by Sun Film Group.

Feature Film: NYOBAYWA, by 42 Tribez

Title: Nyobaywa

Written by:

Logline: Under the malaise of an apocalyptic desertification a cadre of spiritualist ‘resurrect’ a great king to exploit their power among ancient nations. Nations that will one day be known as Egypt and Sumer.

Genre: Historical-Fiction

Type: Screenplay

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Feature Film: THE BLACK CHINES, by Beki Dawi

Title: The Black Chines

Written by: Beki Dawit

Genre: Comedy

Type:Feature Screenplay

“When he travels to China to meet his fiance’s parents, a black rapper discovers he must win the approval of her unapproving, traditional father before he can ask for her hand in marriage.”

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TV PILOT: MENAGE, by Sidartha Murjani

Title of story: Menage

Written by: Sidartha Murjani

Logline: Arash, Deborah and Alec through divine intervention or luck (depending who you are) end up being roommates in one of the most beautiful, diverse and expensive cities in the world, Vancouver. In pursuit of their individual goals, they fail, laugh, cry, fall in love, fail again, laugh again, cry again. In a world obsessed with being right or saying the right things, Menage gives light to what is truly important, the humanity in all of us.

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Dramedy.

WGA Registration: 1932380

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