Movie Trailer: THE LONESOME TRAIL, director Arlette Thomas-Fletcher

PosterThe Lonesome Trail is about the prodigal son amidst a back drop of fighting with the founder of the town and a preacher over a lost love and homesteading.

Director Biography – Arlette Thomas-Fletcher

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Arlette Thomas-Fletcher is an award winning independent filmmaker. Her works have been featured at the Baltimore Women’s Film Festival, Attic Film Festival, Torpedo Factory Art Center Female Shorts & Film and Video Showcase, The Phoenix International Christian Film Festival, and World Music Independent Film Festival. She has won the Peer Award, Telly Silver Award, Communicator Award, Indie Film Fest Award, and Accolade Award of merit for scriptwriting and directing. She has completed numerous short films and music videos. Her short film Assault in Brooklyn won a Peer award for scriptwriting at the Television Internet Video Association in Washington, Dc. Her short film “The Mystery Date won an award at the Baltimore Women’s Film Festival for best local short film. Music videos that she has written, produced, and directed such as “ Let Me Go”, “God Has My Back”, and “Lord Show Me The Way” have won Accolade Awards of Merit. Also her music video “You’re Not Alone” was nominated for Honors at the World Music Independent Film Festival. The music video “You’re Not Alone” was also nominated for Best Music Video at the Attic Film Festival. Ms. Thomas Fletcher has focused her early directing career on short films but later she began to do feature films. She has two films in post production “Where’s Daddy? and “ The Lonesome Trail”. She is the president of Fruits of The Spirit Productions a Christian film production company for short and feature films, music videos, and short films. She is also the past president of Women in Film and Video of Maryland which is an industry association, educating, mentoring and promoting individuals in radio, television, film, and video, multimedia and related fields. Currently she is marketing and promoting her western Christian feature film called “The Lonesome Trail”.

Director Statement

The Lonesome Trail is an opportunity to convey a story to society of the prodigal son. Living in a world where people so often like McCray want to push human beings into accepting what they believe is right because they have all the money and power to influence public opinion. It will be a great honor to convey a story that shows a message of forgiveness, family, compassion for people of all races. Preacher Brent stands for something that our world has not quite mastered a man that believes that all people should be treated equally no matter where they are from or what their color or creed is. His commitment to the homesteaders to teach them how they can live in a world without violence and allow God to fight their battles is a great topic to show visually.

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