Movie Trailer: Zack And The Rainbow: Making Friends, directed by Natalie Priest

362a62301a posterHyperactive 6 year old Zack, just comes on too strong and is constantly rejected with his attempts at befriending the Children at his new School.
But the arrival of a girl called Rainbow, changes the outcome of Zack’s encounters.


Director Biography – Natalie Priest

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Natalie started making cartoons from a very young age. She focused on creating characters that were lively and appealing in design, something which she has carried on to this day. This can be seen in her recent Animation ‘Zack And The Rainbow Making Friends’ which was screened at The Raindance Film Festival 25 X 25 programme 2017 screening event, London.

Natalie is skilled in developing attractive character design, creating character driven animation and using 2D Digital animation programmes such as TVPaint to create lively and colourful films, designed to appeal to children and adults alike.

Natalie is a recent graduate of a Master of Arts in Animation at The University for the Creative Arts, Farnham. She achieved a BA Hons in Animation at the same University in 2005.

Natalie enjoys travelling overseas to do a variety of voluntary work. She has been to Brazil, Madagascar and Ghana. She loves to experience different cultures and new adventures. Natalie painted a mural for a school in Madagascar using her distinctive characters.
In her spare time she does Shotokan Karate and has recently achieved a purple belt with two white stripe.


Director Statement

As an animator I aim to create films and animations which brighten up people’s lives and make them smile. I like to create bright, bold and lively designs for characters and movement which entertains the viewer. I also intend, in the future, to educate and inform an audience about themes such mental health, disability and the nature of existence!.
‘Zack And The Rainbow: Making Friends’ is an animation forming the final part of my Master of Arts in Animation course. It is inspired by research I did into the characteristics of ADHD and these were made into the personality and mannerisms of Zack. This short animation has the characteristic lively movement and bright and colourful design which I enjoy making and enjoy people viewing. A boy with ADHD was a great choice for me for character creation, being Neurodiverse myself with Aspergers Syndrome.

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