Short Film: The mermaid dream Thursday night, by Aixin Qi

This story creates a mysterious, unpredictable, dreamy mood, But the value of this story is that it contains real energy and passion.

Writer Statement

Hi, my name is Aixin, I’m a student, major in film, I from Beijing (China). Living in Los Angeles. I appreciate this opportunity to show you my idea, I have been to New Zealand major in the film for one year, At Unitec Institute of technology in Auckland. That’s a beautiful country; I had the brilliant time there. “The mermaid.” script creates in New Zealand. So that’s why the background of the story in Auckland New Zealand. I from New Zealand transfer to here because I want to make this idea became a movie in Hollywood.

The mermaid is inspired by a boy that I like; he is my classmate when I was studying film in New Zealand.

I want to be a director in the future, not just a screenwriter. Also, my first language is Chinese, not English. So, I am looking forward to working with someone who can draw to make a storyboard to show you this story clearly and vividly.

I’m so excited about this story, THE MERMAID is a fairy tale movie, but it’s good for any age of audiences, it is fantastic, magic, full of love, sweet and touching. This screenplay is not that long and complicated, but as I know, a touching fairy tale is usually a very simple story. If this story becomes a movie, it’s gonna be popular and getting great commercial value. I guess it just has an hour long.

If you are interested in this story, please consider it and contact me further. You won’t regret to talk to me further. As an audience, Universal Studios has a lot of my favorite coolest movies. I just want an opportunity to talk to someone who can make this movie possible, thank you very much!

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