Feature Film: Graceful Decline, by Guadalupe Yepes

E51a25ecd9 posterThe film dwells on the decline of Claudia (43), an aristocratic woman, during 1977, amidst the coup d’état in Argentina.
For years, Claudia has endured a violent relationship with her husband Carlos (55), a powerful businessman linked to the navy and to American entrepreneurs.
Their marriage falls apart, daily life becomes untenable and their sexual life turns frustrating, partly due to Carlos’ impotence.
Desperately trying to to get out of her bourgeois bubble and trapped in her desire for motherhood, Claudia will start a sexual and affectionate relationship with Gervasio (50), a horse-keeper, who has recently joined the equestrian club she frequents.
Hector (40), ship lieutenant, Carlos’ friend and business partner in some of his enterprises, becomes obsessed with Claudia. Upon Hector’s spying on Claudia, he discovers her affair with Gervasio and bribes her by sexually harassing her.
Terrified to lose his wife, Carlos will try to please Claudia by promising to help her become a mother, no matter what. With the help of Hector and without Claudia’s knowledge, Carlos decides to seize a baby who is about to be born in ESMA (army building, which served as a clandestine centre for detention, torture and extermination during the coup d’état).
Claudia unintentionally unfolds her husband’s arrangement, realizes the danger involved and tries to take refuge in Gervasio, who is not simply a horse-keeper, but an undercover member of the E.R.P. (Argentine guerrilla organization, of Trotskyist origin, who fought against the coup d’état). Gervasio is performing espionage on the military men who attend the equestrian club.
Mistakenly suspecting that Claudia is tricking him with Hector, Carlos sets a trap for them.
Now, Claudia must overcome the unravelling of a threatening future.


Writer Biography – Guadalupe Yepes

C6f7f4340b headshot

Actress, producer, screenwriter and director

Currently she works as an actress. She also self-manages some of the projects in which she gets involved.
As an actress, she has completed her training in Argentina and the USA, where she lived for 18 years (New York and Los Angeles). She has worked in theater, film and television since 1991 in Argentina and the USA. Some of their credits include:
“Perfect Lover” (winner of the New York Film Festival); “Cop thief”; “EL marginal”, among others. With the short film “Recognition”, where she stars and produces, she has received four prizes as best leading actress at the following festivals: TMFF (USA), The Indie Fest (USA); Festicine Pehuajo (Argentina) and 12MF Festival (Romania). As a producer she has received the award for best production at the Madhouse Film Festival (USA).

As a screenwriter, he has co-written a feature film with Adrian Caetano, which is still unpublished.
She has study dramaturgy with Mauricio Kartun.
Has published an essay in the compilation “Actores y Actrices que escriben”, curated by Santiago Loza for the Encuentro Miradas de SAGAI.


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