Short Film: BUMP, by Julia Perri

82773fefeb posterA short yet powerful story, a story which is so incredibly close to the truth of what is  happening not only in Italy and Europe, but the entire world. A young Italian couple, madly in love, obsessed with excitement and fear, resort to pickpocketing as a means of survival.
The story takes place on the streets of Sardinia, there are elements of humor, love, drama, many thrilling moments, and of course pure heart.

Shoplifters and pickpockets operate in different emotional weather than more brazen  thieves. They do not use strength, but stealth. Their thefts are intimate violations of the  property of others; to succeed, they must either remain invisible or inspire trust.  We are introduced to Antonio and Giulia, a young Italian couple living on the island of  Sardinia in Italy. Obsessed with excitement and fear, we experience 24 hours in the life of this couple. They are attractive, well-dressed, even elegant, charming and magnetic, but they can also disappear into the crowd in a matter of seconds. They are masters of  camouflage.

During 24 hours with this couple, we learn that Antonio and Giulia are in fact good  Samaritans who open their hearts and help anyone they “bump” into who are in need of  assistance. An evening where the intention was to have a fun night out, turns into a rather busy evening to say the least, as they happen to be at the right place at the right time to help various people on the streets of Sassari. From helping a frustrated man on his cell phone, to rescuing two women from a thief trying to snatch their handbags, as well as an Italian-American english professor who is lonely and a bit lost after having a few too many drinks.
The way Antonio and Giulia help these victims is not only humbling and moving, but also intriguing and fun, even stimulating. Antonio and Giulia guide these various people to safety, but what is never revealed to us in their eyes, is the ecstasy of 2 people who  surrender to their compulsion. They have the audience in the palm of their hand fooling us into believing they are 2 good hearted souls, but what we must remember is yin and yang… there is a little bit of bad in the good and a little bit of good in the bad. Nothing is ever truly what it seems.
Antonio and Giulia take us on a journey, following every move they make, every person  they meet and every moment they live. Until the shocking revelation comes when the night is over and the sun has risen … a turning point that will leave you stunned and in disbelief, some may feel bewildered, some may feel intrigued, definitely moved, perhaps shocked and surprised, even excited. Whatever it is that is felt … Antonio and Giulia will leave a kind of mark on your heart.


Writer Biography – Julia Perri

6e06244a76 headshot

Julia Perri was born in Melbourne Australia, to parents from Italy.

Julia’s training includes study at the Los Angeles based Beverly Hills Playhouse, The Renegade Theatre in Hollywood, Brian Riese Studios Los Angeles, The Screen Actors Guild and Master Classes with actor Jason Alexander. Julia also studied in Melbourne Australia at the Screen Actors Studio for several years and she is always finding ways to grow as an actress.

Talented beyond her years, Julia’s commitment to the craft is evident in her diverse body of work, and she has been working professionally from a young age. Julia has worked on several feature films including the award winning U.S. films “Landline” and “The Way We Talk”, Italian film “Gomorroide”, award winning Australian film “The Gathering” and many more. Julia has starred in many award winning and nominated short films including starring as the lead in “Halfway” (nominated for awards at Clint Eastwood’s ‘Carmel Film Festival’ in California), AFI film “Escorts” and award U.S. short film “The Extra Mile”. Her screen credits include parts in Australian television series such as “Neighbours”, “Prank Patrol”, and “As the Bell Rings”. Julia has shot a number of National commercials, and has hosted major events including an event with actor Joe Pesci for St. Jude Children’s Hospital in California, and a Pre-Oscars event with actor Kevin Spacey for the Kevin Spacey Foundation. Taking the stage in various theatre productions including Alfred Hayes “Girl on the Via Flaminia”, “View From then Bridge” both at The Renegade Theatre in Hollywood, and “Equus” at the Beverly Hills Playhouse. She has entertained audiences worldwide.

This young Italian Australian actress has many exciting up and coming projects and watching her perform on stage or screen it is obvious she has a rare ability to thoroughly engage her audience. Her talent with her personal integrity and discipline sets her aside. The highly entertaining actress is a joy to watch.

Aside from her love of storytelling, Julia’s interests include traveling, adventures, she has a certificate in Nutrition, she loves cooking and mediterranean food, painting, writing, Italian cinema, psychology, art, vintage fashion, guitar and music.

Actresses who have influenced Julia are Marisa Tomei, Kate Winslet, Meryl Streep. She loves Marcello Mastroianni, Robert De Niro and Robert Downey Jr.. Woody Allen, Jim Jarmusch, Francis Ford Coppola, Vittorio De Sica are her favourite directors.

Writer Statement

“Bump” or “Lo Scontro” is a short film written by Julia Perri. Originally written in english to shoot
in Melbourne, she then rewrote an Italian version when she moved to Sardinia Italy. Julia was so
incredibly inspired by the Island that she rewrote the story in Italian and decided to shoot the film
in Italy. Frank Renzulli, writer (Emmy nominated and Golden Globe winner), is a mentor of Julia’s,
and has helped Julia to express her idea through the script writing process.
Julia is most inspired by the Italian greats, Fellini, De Sica, Rossellini…for her their films are like a
treasure trove: you open it up and find yourself faced with a world of marvels, provincial and
universal, real and fantastic. They are great maestros who are beacons that lead us into port.
Frank Renzulli has seen the film flourish from a simple Idea in Julia’s mind, to this short yet
powerful and shocking script that has attracted attention from such talent as – director Saverio Di
Biagio (La Ragazza Dei Miei Sogni, Gomorra etc), who is now attached to the project as the
Director. Saverio is from Rome Italy, and is such a hard working director who has written and
directed a number of award winning films, as well as worked as first assistant director on films and
television series all over Italy. His films have been presented at festivals all over including Rome
International Film Festival, Los Angeles Film Festival etc. Over the years he has collaborated with
such Italian cinema notables as Maurizio Sciarra, Wilma Labate and Daniele Vicari. Julia is truly
excited to have him on board as the director.

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