TV SCI-FI BEST SCENE Reading of MORPH, by Christine Davis

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Genre: Sci-Fi, Crime

Logline: “Morph” is a Sci-Fi story in which Jack Oberman is a Los Angeles homicide detective who gets captured by the killers he pursues, mad scientists who alter his DNA and turn him into a monster.

Narrator: Sean Ballantyne
Morty: Allan Michael Brunet
Jack: Nick Baillie

Get to know the writer:

 1. What is your screenplay about?

Morph is about a slightly bromantic pairing of two cops, one of whom is a former accountant from the East Coast. As LA homicide detectives, their first case brings them up against a mad scientist who captures Detective Jack Oberman and alters his DNA so he turns into a strange nonhuman but still vaguely recognizable creature. Reminiscent of the fun of Season 1’s Hawaii Five-O pairing of Steve and Danny, fused with the Bill Bixby/Lou Ferigno The Incredible Hulk TV show from the 1970s, Morph brings procedural cop…

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Winning TV PILOT Reading of FAMILY SECRETS, by Allison Osborne

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Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Abigail Sullivan thinks she’s successfully run from her mob past, until the FBI catches up to her and gives her an ultimatum. Help them catch the rest of her criminal family or go to jail for the rest of her life.

Cast List:

Alvarez: Gary Graham
Ryker: James Dooley
Narrator: Val Cole
Brad: John Fray
Abigail: Kelci Stephenson

Get to know the writer: 

 1. What is your TV Pilot screenplay about?

Family Secrets is about a girl growing up in the mob and deciding to escape and leave that life behind. She starts a new life that is quickly interrupted by the FBI. They give her an ultimatum: help the FBI hunt down amd catch her criminal family, or get thrown in jail.

2. Why should this screenplay be made into a TV show?

I feel like my screenplay involves a different take on the classic…

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