Feature Film: TRUE SON RISING, by Keith Soltys

TRUE SON RISING – based on the untold true story!

Written by
Keith Soltys

Logline: “In 1939, Brigadier General Charles Burnett returns from Tokyo with perilous information that threatens the insidious pro-war agendas within both Imperial Japan and the United States governments.”

Historical Drama

WGA Reg. #1924091

Feature Film: The Cyborg Cipher, by Jennifer Ford

Title of Story: The Cyborg Cipher

Written by: Jennifer Ford


In the year 2095, a gang of adrenaline junkie tube riders witness a government execution and must escape dystopian London, needing to outwit the Lord Governor as unstoppable bio-engineered assassins start to pick them off one by one.

Genre: Sci-Fi, Action

Type: Feature Screenplay