TV PILOT: L.A.’s Finest, by Morgan Schefflin

Title of story: L.A.’s Finest

Written by: Morgan Schefflin

Logline: A TV showrunner clashes with his head writer and network executive girlfriend to get his pilot made as promised to his niece before he gets ousted out of the TV business for good.

Genre: Drama, comedy

Type: TV pilot

Feature Film: HOMELESS HOUNDICAPS, by Pamela Royal

Log-line: Six homeless dogs with various handicaps, meet up, become best of friends and go on a fun and sometimes dangerous adventure of their lives, with a brief message to Children, it is not nice to bully or say mean words to others.

Written by: Pamela C. Royal and Mark-Curtis Dunn. (copyrighted 2017)


Category: Comedy/Animal

Short Film: A GIRL IN MY DREAMS, by Anirudh

Title of the Story: A Girl in my Dreams

Written By: Anirudh

Logline: A sleepaholic student finds himself in a situation where he must uncover the truth behind the mysterious girl who appears in his dreams, thereby leading him to the spiritual world called soul space.

Genre: Fantasy, Thriller

Type: Short Screenplay

Short Story: Chronicles of my Teenage Son, by Anuradha Chinalapudi

Title of Story: Chronicles of my Teenage son

Written by: Anuradha Chinalapudi


“The Chronicles of my teenage son” is a family comedy-drama in which a mother comes in face to face with her teenage son’s funny, strange, weird, nerve wrecking escapades”

Genre: Family Comedy Drama

Type: Short Story

Feature Film: SECOND DANCE, by Dexter E. Williams

Title of Story: Second Dance

Written by: Dexter E. Williams

Logline: An American college student, haunted by recurring dreams of another time, is shocked beyond imagination when she is told she’s the reincarnation of a nineteenth-century Middle Eastern belly dancer.

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Family

Type: Feature Screenplay

WGA Registration No: 1915438

DYING FOR A LIVING Short Film – Audience Feedback from March 2018 Female Film Festival

FEEDBACK Female Film Festival

DYING FOR A LIVING, 13min., UK, Documentary 
Directed by Adriana Falcinelli

A sensitive, contrasting portrait of Shaun Morris, a 57 year old extroverted undertaker living hand-to-mouth in Southampton. Surviving on a zero hours contract, the opportunity of a permanent job appears which could change his life dramatically.

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Feature Film: AIR!, by K D Barker

Title of Story: Air!

Written by: Mr K D Barker

Logline: Strapped to the wing and the engines are running…

Genre: Adventure, Comedy

Type: Feature Screenplay

Air! is set shortly after World War II

1948: The world has succumbed to political uncertainty, economic austerity and food rationing. Powerful heads of state meet to discuss how they can best exert influence on other emerging economies. An around-the-world air race is suggested; any nation can take part. The statesmen believe the race will stimulate international cooperation and emerging jet-aircraft technology with all the benefits that entails.

The film follows various mad-cap Aviators through their hilarious and often perilous adventures to be first around the world by Air!

Feature Film: TRUE SON RISING, by Keith Soltys

TRUE SON RISING – based on the untold true story!

Written by
Keith Soltys

Logline: “In 1939, Brigadier General Charles Burnett returns from Tokyo with perilous information that threatens the insidious pro-war agendas within both Imperial Japan and the United States governments.”

Historical Drama

WGA Reg. #1924091

Feature Film: The Cyborg Cipher, by Jennifer Ford

Title of Story: The Cyborg Cipher

Written by: Jennifer Ford


In the year 2095, a gang of adrenaline junkie tube riders witness a government execution and must escape dystopian London, needing to outwit the Lord Governor as unstoppable bio-engineered assassins start to pick them off one by one.

Genre: Sci-Fi, Action

Type: Feature Screenplay