Novel: The Uphill Hike, by Terezia Kontova

It is about a pentamerous children’s group who decided to take a common uphill hike, behind their home town. The adventure changes into a weird experience when the children realize that from a certain moment of their trip, the length of the hill above them and the length of the hill bellow them remain the same long, whether they walk or stand. They start experiencing many wonderful affairs and facing many obstacles which are mystic and miraculous. They learn a lot about themselves and their families. Many secrets are revealed, many blocks are broken and many mistakes are corrected. In order to walk down the hill, back home. But what is their home? And where are their families? What happened in their home town has much to do with what happened on the hill.

Genre: Young Adults Fantasy

Feature Film: THE SHOE SHINE BOY, by Mark Thiru

Title of Story: ‘The Shoe Shine Boy’

Written By: Mark Thiru

Logline: “New York, 1928: An affluent gentleman dexterously retreats the market after receiving stock wrinkles and financial bulletin of the say from his shoe shine boy.”

Genre: Thriller

Type: Feature Screenplay

Feature Film: Shadow of Freedom, by Esmaeil Rezaei

Title of Story: Shadow of Freedom

Written by: Esmaeil Rezaei

Log line: A girl is taken as a hostage in a mysterious jungle by a mischievous and hypocritical witch trying to break a spell cast by an anti-devil corpse and then, her pigheaded brother enters a fight with the malicious witch to rescue his sister.

Genre: Fantasy, Action, Adventure

Type: Feature Screenplay

WGA Registration Number: 1847473

Feature Film: BEAUTIFULLY BROKEN, by Sam Bass


Written by – Sam Bass

Logline – While in the theater of war a soldier’s wife leaves him, when he returns home she wants him back, but her new loyalty is short lived and their relationship turns into a twisted corrupt affair of love and hate.

Genre – Drama

Type – Feature screenplay

WGA registration number – 1943430

Feature Film: BASS REEVES, U.S. Marshall, by Sam Bass

Title – BASS REEVES, U.S. Marshall

Written by – Sam Bass

Logline – Based on the true story of an unsung American hero, born into the brutal world of slavery, evolved to become the first black U.S. Deputy Marshall..

Genre – Action, Adventure, Biography

Type – Feature screenplay

WGA registration number – 1693058

Feature Film: RELENTLESS PURSUIT, by Anthony Dalton


Written by: Anthony Dalton

Logline: RELENTLESS PURSUIT is a land-based JAWS in which a Canadian zoologist battles officialdom, poachers, and nature itself to capture a man-eating tiger in the jungles of Bangladesh, while getting caught up in a romantic triangle.

Genre: Adventure thriller

Type: Feature Screenplay

WGAw Registered #1877277

Short Story: Chronicles of my Teenage son, by Anuradha Chinalapudi

Title of Story:

Written by: Anuradha Chinalapudi


“The Chronicles of my teenage son” is a family comedy-drama in which a mother comes in face to face with her teenage son’s funny, strange, weird, nerve wrecking escapades”

Genre: Family Comedy Drama

Type: Short Story

Feature Film: BIRTH IN THE FIRST DEGREE, by Teresa S. Smith

Title: Birth in the First Degree

Written by: Teresa S. Smith

Log Line: The population has overwhelmed the planet. Having children is now an act of premeditated murder.
If you become pregnant – you face not only your child’s death but your as well.

Genre: Thriller

Type: Feature Screenplay

WGA Registration Number: N/A