Feature Film: Shadow of Freedom, by Esmaeil Rezaei

Title of Story: Shadow of Freedom

Written by: Esmaeil Rezaei

Log line: A girl is taken as a hostage in a mysterious jungle by a mischievous and hypocritical witch trying to break a spell cast by an anti-devil corpse and then, her pigheaded brother enters a fight with the malicious witch to rescue his sister.

Genre: Fantasy, Action, Adventure

Type: Feature Screenplay

WGA Registration Number: 1847473

Feature Film: BEAUTIFULLY BROKEN, by Sam Bass


Written by – Sam Bass

Logline – While in the theater of war a soldier’s wife leaves him, when he returns home she wants him back, but her new loyalty is short lived and their relationship turns into a twisted corrupt affair of love and hate.

Genre – Drama

Type – Feature screenplay

WGA registration number – 1943430

Feature Film: BASS REEVES, U.S. Marshall, by Sam Bass

Title – BASS REEVES, U.S. Marshall

Written by – Sam Bass

Logline – Based on the true story of an unsung American hero, born into the brutal world of slavery, evolved to become the first black U.S. Deputy Marshall..

Genre – Action, Adventure, Biography

Type – Feature screenplay

WGA registration number – 1693058

Feature Film: RELENTLESS PURSUIT, by Anthony Dalton


Written by: Anthony Dalton

Logline: RELENTLESS PURSUIT is a land-based JAWS in which a Canadian zoologist battles officialdom, poachers, and nature itself to capture a man-eating tiger in the jungles of Bangladesh, while getting caught up in a romantic triangle.

Genre: Adventure thriller

Type: Feature Screenplay

WGAw Registered #1877277


Short Story: Chronicles of my Teenage son, by Anuradha Chinalapudi

Title of Story:

Written by: Anuradha Chinalapudi


“The Chronicles of my teenage son” is a family comedy-drama in which a mother comes in face to face with her teenage son’s funny, strange, weird, nerve wrecking escapades”

Genre: Family Comedy Drama

Type: Short Story

Feature Film: BIRTH IN THE FIRST DEGREE, by Teresa S. Smith

Title: Birth in the First Degree

Written by: Teresa S. Smith

Log Line: The population has overwhelmed the planet. Having children is now an act of premeditated murder.
If you become pregnant – you face not only your child’s death but your as well.

Genre: Thriller

Type: Feature Screenplay

WGA Registration Number: N/A