Feature Film: REBIRTH, by Drew Bombardier

Title: Rebirth

Logline: Half mortal half god 100% alcoholic reincarnate, sets forth with a goal to stop the impending doom of the

Earth/Olympus that his brother god is causing.

Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy

An unknowing Zeus being reincarnated as half man half god and 100% alcoholic is set adrift in a world of booze sex and music struggles with a failing mediocre band called the Thunder Bolts. Not knowing he was part god becomes struck by lightning on his 25th birthday, after waking up in a hospital he realizes something is oddly changed within himself but unsure of his newly acquired powers heads back to his normal routine. While loading his gear after a gig in a dimly lit ally behind a bar, a strange figure approaches him informing him what he really is and what is at stake.

Now with the understanding of who he is and what needs to be done Zeus down a beer and sets into motion to find his likeminded brothers and all parties willing to help, and some with secret desires to aid in achieving the goals of saving a doomed earth/Olympus. Hades already in a great standing of power and awareness will stop at nothing to bring the underworld into the light.

By pitchstory

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