Feature Film: The Crocodile Club by Veranda Flores

MURRAY and LEON are friends in a mid-life hiatus. Struggling with the demands of their marriages and work commitments they develop a preoccupation with militaria and form The Crocodile Club. They plan an inane shooting expedition unaware that crocodiles are a protected species.

Their best friend DUNCAN is an amateur photographer, ecologist, and passionately anti-gun, who has recently separated from his wife, been fired from his job, and is dazed and depressed.

The hunting adventure is planned with military precision and kept secret from Duncan. But progressively convinced that Duncan’s depreciating state of mind has led him to the brink of suicide, Murray and Leon coerce him into accompanying them on their witless mission of carnage.

Eventually Duncan’s cynical overtones and pacifism begin to put a damper on the expedition, and Murray and Leon now fear they may have accidentally shot some campers during an alcohol-fuelled night-time shooting spree.

Destined to meet up with these misguided lads are two psychopathic weapons aficionados, NUGGET and LIZARD, who have embarked upon their own pilgrimage of rustic devastation and are being pursued by a relentless POLICE SERGEANT and his hapless ROOKIE CONSTABLE. However, Murray, Leon and Duncan fear that they are the ones being pursued — and begin to self destruct.

Script Type:Screenplay
Number of Pages:102
Country of Origin:Australia
Script Language:English

Author: pitchstory

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