Feature Film: The Organon by Iman Davari

Title of Story: The Organon

Written by: Iman Davari

Logline: The story starts with a familiar story, Moses’s exodus. In
the opening scene, we see Moses, Aaron, and Jochebed trying to flee
from Pharaoh’s men to save not only their own lives but also the Ark
of Covenant containing a black stone tablet. They cross the Nile
safely, but the Ark of Covenant sinks to the bottom of the Nile. Then
we come back to the present time. Four-year-old Mary is sitting on the
ground in their yard, looking up at the sky and drawing in her
notebook. Next, we see Mary who has grown up into a twenty-year-old
young woman who works at NASA. NASA is sending a team of astronauts to
Planet X, which they do not know much about, to investigate the source
of the strange, terrifying sounds which have recently been heard from
the sky. Mary along with the captain and three other astronauts goes
to Planet X. When they land on the planet, Mary and Ivan, a fellow
astronaut, get off the spaceship and step on Planet X. The surface of
Planet X is like crystal and consists of precious stones: gold,
diamond, emerald, and ruby. They approach a black stone tablet which
is assumed to be the source of the terrifying sounds. While Mary is
examining the black stone tablet a storm comes and carries both Mary
and the black stone tablet into a black hole located in the Aries
constellation. Next we see Mary in the black hole with the black stone
tablet stuck to her back. The black hole has seven dimensions, and as
Mary goes through each dimension, she sees different events until the
last one which brought her into the black hole. While going through
the dimensions, she sees great historical moments: Cain killing Abel;
Noah’s Great flood; King Solomon; and Abraham sacrificing Ismael, and
the black stone tablet is also present in all those events. The black
stone tablet on Mary’s back also grows bigger as she goes from one
dimension to the next one seeing those events. While she is in the
seventh dimension, she sees a dancing diapason which shows her past
life to her frame by frame. Then the diapason starts to slowly swallow
Mary as it shows her memories. Suddenly right before she is about to
be completely swallowed by the diapason, she remembers her childhood
drawing and the “Holy Name” which is “Mary.” She says it, the diapason
stops moving, the black stone tablet falls off her back, and she is
saved. Colorful drops of water which are like the colors of the
rainbow fall from the different parts of the black hole. We next see
Mary giving birth to a baby boy in a hospital. Finally, the story ends
with the continuation of one the earlier scenes: people, standing
outside St. Christian Hospital, are looking up at the sky terrified by
the strange sounds which come from the sky. Right then drops of rain
fall from the sky.

Genre:Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Adventure

Type: Feature Screenplay

Author: pitchstory

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