Short Film: America for Sale or Russian Gambit by Aleks Kontr

D650e46498 posterALEXANDER KANTOR

Based on true events and facts

The next Congress of the National Association of Realtors of America became for Ronald Keegan and Gina Green not only a platform for professional development, but also the onset of their romantic relationship.
Ronald is a head of the New York branch of a large real estate agency. Gina is an agent broker of the same company, but works in New Jersey. He is a 40-year-old bachelor, stylish and confident; never seriously thought about having a family. She is a 35-year-old woman, beautiful and motivated, but already disappointed in marriage and is on the verge of divorce. The night of realtors’ conference brought them together, and now they are starting a new story of their lives together.
They live and work in different states, therefore have to meet only on weekends, when Ronald comes to New Jersey to see Gina. Their very first date occurred in the height of tourist season, and the lovers had to settle for a cheap hotel room.
This fact could not mar their first real date, but instilled confidence that they have to come up with an option for their regular meetings. Just a business deal turned up with the Pritts family who were willing to sell their mansion in New Jersey. An elderly couple move to Florida, and entrust their house to Gina.
Gina and Ronald embark on a reckless venture – they increase the price of the house by $150,000.00 to prolong the time to sell the house. This will give the lovers a great place for their romantic dates on weekends. This is a risky step, however the experienced real estate professionals are confident – they will be able to sell the house at the right price that will compensate the owners the down time of their mansion.
Weekly meetings in the Pritts house are filled with passion and tenderness. These meetings become the way of escape for our protagonists after a hard everyday life, which is full of events.
Gina’s relationship with her husband Mitch heats up to the point when, besides his extra-marital affair, he has major issues at work. Tired of family problems and elated by a new relationship, Gina files for divorce. However, before she becomes a totally free woman, she will have to solve several pressing issues with Mitch. Fortunately, she has someone to rely on – this is Ronald’s and her mutual friend Vince – an attorney, an employee of the same real estate agency.
Ronald is also engaged in his friend’s absurd plan – to trade a house in Detroit for an iPhone. In addition, there is an unprecedented rise in his career. Ronald gets a new client – a Russian billionaire Aaron Romanovich, who secretly wishes to purchase three mansions in the heart of New York – each worth several tens of millions of dollars.
Ronald has to use all his knowledge and skills to make this transaction. Hard work in this direction produces results – Ronald does not just get a huge fee, but acquires a wealthy client as well. Romanovich, impressed by Ronald’s work, is not only willing to use his services again, but also promises to recommend the outstanding realtor to his rich friends. However, Ronald does not suspect that in addition to benefits, this transaction would bring him enormous problems – after which his honor and freedom will be at stake.
Gina’s professional life does not stand still either. She undertakes to sell the house of the famous Russian hockey player Denisov. She strikes a deal with Charles and Anthony Stango on buying of an operating hotel. Only after completing her job, Gina learns that the Stangos are members of the Devalkante mafia family.
At the time of the transaction, the father and son Stango are arrested. Young Anthony, who had failed in seducing Gina, out of revenge sets her out as an accomplice of his crimes. Gina ends up behind bars. Furthermore, with the aid of the installed hidden video cameras, the Pritts find out how Gina and Ronald actually use their house. They threaten to file a lawsuit against the realtors.
The only people, who can help Gina in this situation, are Ronald and Vince. If the work to settle the dispute with the Pritts does not pose particular difficulties, then Ronald is off to do the impossible. The only way to get Gina out of the prison and justify her good name is to make an agreement with the mafia.
Besides this problem, other problems that arose after the deal with Romanovich are added up. New York authorities threaten to imprison Ronald for violation of US laws, if he cannot find an opportunity to hold the transaction invalid.
In this difficult situation, Ronald takes the only correct solution of the problem – he turns for help to his former mistress Alice Rogoff – rich and influential, the owner of a large real estate agency in Miami. Alice does not mind helping him, and invites Ronald to a party, where she gathered a group of right people. However, she does not just help her former lover, but pursues her own interests.
The party that is filled with booze, sex and drugs, brings to Ronald the solution of Gina’s problem, but complicates his own problems. In order to help Gina, Ronald needs the support of Leon Tropez – a New York official, who is playing a game against Ronald in the deal with Romanovich.
Tropez is willing to support Ronald and even, to some extent, to loosen the grip in the issues of this notorious deal, but in exchange, he wants literally to bang him. For the sake of the woman he loved, Ronald agrees to this desperate move, but arranges a postponement, during which he hopes to find a way out of the current situation.
Gina is released after all the charges are removed. Nevertheless, the stress that she experienced provokes miscarriage. Gina is desperate – she did not know she was pregnant since she was diagnosed with “infertility” after a botched abortion early in her married life with Mitch.
Problems with the Pritts are redoubled. Vince cannot totally devote himself to this issue, because he has also a day job. Moreover, he fell a victim of artful swindlers operating in Miami, and now he is a witness in a criminal case. Ronald cannot help in this issue either, since he is faced with a much bigger problem in the person of Leon Tropez. Gina has to extricate herself from this mess on her own.
Ronald cannot find a way out of this situation, but quite unexpectedly, his European friend comes to his rescue. Ronald traded the house in Detroit for an iPhone just for him. He proposed a reckless venture to Ronald – the gamble that lies beyond the law boundaries. Ronald, having enlisted Romanovich’s support, takes a chance and executes an insane plan.
When our protagonists’ issues seem to start resolving, a discord happened in their personal relationship. After Gina learns about the party at Alice’s house, she feels betrayed and decides to break up with Ronald. Ronald is too proud to explain something to her …


Writer Biography – ALEXANDER KANTOR

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Alexander Kantor was born and raised in Vladivostok, Russia
Graduated from the Faculty of Japanese Language and Literature at Far East Government’s University. Worked as an interpreter in Japan. Parallel graduated from the Art Department of the Institute of Arts. Since 1996 he lives in the United States, first in San Francisco, now in New York.
Published a Collection of poems and prose “The Borderline State”.
Based on the novel “America for Sale or Russian Gambit “created a screenplay.
A lot of time Alexander Kantor devoted to painting. Takes part in exhibitions and galleries. Paintings are in private collections and museums in Russia, America, Japan, China, Korea



Writer Statement

A cool, compelling and profoundly unsettling novel. With plenty of plot twists and turns as well as hugely unexpected turn of events at the end, this legitimate thriller is fresh and satisfying.
I show the difference in world views between America and Russia… I produce amazing action with contradictory sympathetic heroes, sophisticated villains , erotic moments, stylish cities : New York and Miami. The movie will be the best!

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