Feature Film: MARY CASTERS by Mark Mackey

Title of Story: Mary Casters

Written by: Mark Mackey

Logline: A woman and her girlfriend are forced to get human victims for a witch who possesses her younger sister, or else she won’t leave her body.

Genre: Horror

Type: Feature Screenplay

Copyright 2016

Feature Film: The Princess Bride II: The Ransom of Hollyhock by Richard M. Renneboog

Title of Story: The Princess Bride II: The Ransom of Hollyhock

Written by: Richard M. Renneboog

Logline: Beware the BRAT spell! Westley and Buttercup must enlist the aid of the Dread Pirate Roberts and other unlikely heroes if they are to rescue their beloved daughter Hollyhock, who has been kidnapped by Prince Humperdinck, the evil Countess Rugen and Miracle Max, before she is thrown from the Cliffs of Insanity into the shrieking eel-infested waters below.

Genre: Family-Action-Adventure

Type: Feature Screenplay

website: http://richardrenneboog.webs.com

Twitter @RRenneboog

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Feature Film: WHERE KOMAINU CRY by Frank Baruch

Title: Where Komainu Cry.

Written: Frank Baruch.

Logline: To rescue their master from a well protected Japanese fortress, a group of samurai must test their honor and humility beyond the bounds of their code.

Genre: Action, Drama.

Type: Feature Screenplay.

Novel: GABRIEL’S FIRE by P.A. Brown

Title of Story: Gabriel’s Fire

Written by: P.A. Brown

Logline: When a rash encounter with a local gang banger results in a
woman’s death and the killers are acquitted, her son teams up with a
gay cop to avenge the brutal death at any price.

Genre: Gay Romantic Suspense

Type: novel

Pat Brown

Having a soft heart in a hard world is courage, not weakness

Feature Film: THE FRUIT BRIGADE by Dea Divi

Title: The Fruit Brigade

Written by: Dea Divi

Logline: Food, wine, love, jealousy, and fruit are the topics as two talented chefs/friends face off against one another to be the best catering company in a TV show challenge; although mayhem ensues as friendships crumble and the prize could actually end up being true romance.

Genre: Romance Drama

Type: Feature Screenplay

WGA: 1854167

Feature Film: Casting the Runes by Felice Picano

Title: Casting the Runes

By: Felice Picano

Logline: In a picturesque 19TH Century New England town two brothers and their friends –including the reclusive, American poet, Emily Dickinson – must battle a powerful and vengeful Demonologist who can control and kill using the spells of ancient Icelandic “Runes.”

Genre: Historical Sci-Fi/Horror screenplay based on a classic short story by M.R. James

WGA Registration # 1919814

Background: “Casting the Runes” is Felice Picano’s adaptation of a classic horror story by M.R.James published in 1914. This new version transposes the action from England to 1886 Northampton, Massachusetts and its surroundings. The period and place are that of sunny, perfect picture-postcard America–of ice cream parlors and horse-drawn fire-trucks,of Sunday band stand concerts and steam locomotives, of Temperance meetings and children playing with hoops. Science is just beginning and evil lurks behind the banana-curled school girls and Huck Finn boys.