TV Show: SWITCHBACK by Peter Roach


Written By: Peter Roach

Logline: Without warning lives are switched for 24 hours. You get to walk the mile in brand new shoes. Don’t get comfortable, it may be short, but you may get hurt.

Episode 1: An LA finance guru Miles Overman promised more than he can deliver and dangerous people want results. An unexpected body switch that lasts twenty for hours with Cholon a simple herder in faraway Mongolia will only delay the inevitable. One of these men will cope, one will struggle.

Episode 2: Miles returns to Mongolia as himself trying to woo a woman Khongi who does not know he exists. Cholon becomes intrigued with switching. He wants to do it again. Cholon’s wife Zaya warns them of consequences.

Another pair of complete stranger’s lives is suddenly switched. Is this random? Is there a connection?

Genre: TV Pilot


Author: pitchstory

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