Short Film: JIMMY by Michael Aliotti

Title: JIMMY


Logline: The story of Al Capone being haunted by a victim from the Saint Valentines Day Massacre, Jimmy, the ghost who torments the infamous gangster into insanity.



Feature Film: MAMMAL FORCE by Steven & David Shackelford

Title of Story: Mammal Force™

Written by: Steven & David Shackelford.

Logline: In the farthest reaches of space, a ragtag squadron of anthropomorphic animal operatives must work together to stop Quarkz, a disgraced former ally turned terrorist leader from threatening to subjugate their peaceful homeworld.

Genre: Animation / Action / Adventure

Type: Feature Screenplay

WGA Registration Number: #1524647

*** BONUS ***

Pitch: Zootopia meets the Avengers in space!

Spec was covered at WME with ‘recommend’ in July 2011. Screenplay, one-sheets, franchise projections and additional artwork are available upon request. Thank you for your consideration!

Feature Film: LOVEBEAT by David E. Siebel


Written by: David E. Siebel

Logline: Where meninist fights off Christians and Gays alike, Isabella must discover herself where only negativity breaths.

Genre: Romantic-Epic

Type: Feature Screenplay

WGA Registration Number: 1941925

Short Film: A STITCH IN TIME by Rita Pomade

Title of Story: A Stitch in Time

Written by: Rita Pomade

Log line: A bag lady has a unique gift that changes the lives of those she touches for the better. After a series of unfortunate events, her own life is also changed.

Genre: Animation

Type: Short screenplay

WGA Registration Number: 1966453

Feature Film: GOLDEN GAVEL by Ruben Wilson


by Ruben Wilson

As a comedy/drama which explores the stereotypes and ignorance upon which racism is predicated.

After a failed attempt at fooling God, a black militant from New York city ends up living the life of a Klansman from the backwoods of Louisiana and the Klansman ends up in the projects of NYC.

Feature Film: The Republic of Bensonville by Kent Probst

Title of Story: The Republic of Bensonville

Written by: Kent Probst

Logline: The mayor must find the courage to lead the Texas border town of Bensonville when they secede from the United States, because they’re fed up with unrepaired roads and little representation, risking an “international” war.

Genre: Comedy

Type: Feature Screenplay