Short Film: STASIS by Alex Theo Giannoulis


Type: Short Script (14 pages)

Written by: Alex Theo Giannoulis

Genre: Horror, Mystery, Drama

WGGB (Candidate Member): 40916751

Logline: Jeff, his fiancee Helena and his brother Mark get lost on their way back from a friends wedding As they try to look for help they meet Jack at an eerie roadside motel. But things are not what they seem and Jack explains someone has already been left behind. They must decide who will be the one after Jack forces them to reveal a terrible secret.

Feature Film: RED NOSE FLOPPY SHOES by James P. Brosnahan


Written by: James P Brosnahan

Logline: Michael Doyle’s boring yet happy life is turned on its ear when his genetic tests come up positive for Clown Syndrome, a potentially fatal aversion to clowns. Thus begins a comic journey through support groups, doctor visits and experimental treatments, including a vaccine based on maxims written by Publilius Syrus, a famous mime who lived during the Roman Empire. Clown Syndrome is no laughing matter.

WGA Registration Number: 1037830494

Genre: Comedy

Type: Feature Screenplay

Feature Film: WOMEN WITH BALLS by Jill Stern & Lauri Donahue

Title of Story: Women with Balls

Written by: Jill Stern and Lauri Donahue

Logline: Women with Balls is a low-budget, R-rated, female-ensemble comedy/dramedy, about how the middle age women on an amateur soccer team in the west village of Manhattan band together to help one of their teammates achieve her “bucket list” dreams when she’s diagnosed with cancer. It’s inspired by a true story.

Genre: Dramedy, Female Focused

Type: Feature Screenplay, Mini-Series Script,

WGA Registration Number: 1954158

Winning Short Screenplay: SHOOTING by Isaac Sweeney

Logline: In Shooting, will Angel choose the future he wants or the revenge his family deserves? An urban drama set in the gritty reality of the streets.

Genre: Urban drama

Type: Short screenplay


Rico: Scott McCullogh

Butter: Nick Hendrik

Narrator: Matt Barnes

Angel: Gabriel Darku

Keesha: Olivia Barret


Producer: Matthew Toffolo

Director: Kierston Drier

Casting Director: Sean Ballantyne

Editor: Kimberly Villarruel

Camera Op: Mary Cox

Short Film: TWO DRUMS OF THOUGHT by Meysam Oghbaei

As a 9-year-old boy decides to fill his drums with the water from a tap in the middle of a dirt road, he recalls that the farmer owning the tap had threatened him that he would have his dog attack on him in case of taking water from the tap. A couple of days later, while the farmer is occupied with farming in his garden, he notices a weakening of the water flow out of the hose. The more he speculates, the less he finds out why that is. Ultimately, we learn that the boy, cleverly, has disconnected the hose from the tap and has been blowing in it so forcefully. Then, as soon as his drums are filled full, he reconnects the hose and runs away.


Writer Biography – Meysam Oghbaei


Short and documentary filmmaker, script writer, compilation, bachelor of sociology and master’s degree in cinema

Feature Film: WHITE RAVEN by Dawn Brown

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WHITE RAVEN is an 11-song musical about an albino who goes to Africa to save herself and the wildlife there.

Writer Statement


However skilled an artist may be, and however perfect his technique, if he has nothing to tell us, his work is valueless.

Short Film: Rukye by Alper Ayduman

Medet, who is an inexperienced young Imam and just moved to the country, receives a letter from a woman out of the village. The woman wants him to read rukye (healing prayer) for her sinful father who is about to die. Although Medet abstains from the peasants at the beginning, he decides to go at the end. A relationship starts with the sick man under the shadows of death where sins, virtue and crime are questioned.


Writer Biography – Abdurrahman Alper Ayduman

313d1a6b4c headshot

• Yuva / 2014

– 14. Kısa-ca International Short Film Festival Special Jury Prize
– 26. Ankara International Short Film Festival – Finalist
– Marmaris International Short Film Festival – Finalist
– 9. İkinci El Short Film Festival – Finalist

Short Film: Make it Real by Clara Davila

It’s not alwaysyour imagination… Cecilia is a normal girl who works in an old library. After watching a horror movie in the other night, she starts cataloging newspapers from the library. What was as simple new suddenly became real…

  • Script Type:
    Student, Short Script
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Feature Film: Drones & Drivers by Haley Isleib

A soldier with the enhanced ability to control robots with her mind finds herself the target of mysterious government-related forces when she returns to Earth after a war.

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  • Country of Origin:
    United States
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TV SHOW: LAIR by Fiadh Melina

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Amy Clifford is part of a minority Dhaherite caste in human society, the gift she possesses as a hyper evolved human ignites discord in her life as political bodies begin approaching her for allegiance.

  • Script Type:
    Television Script
  • Genres:
    Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Drama, Political
  • Number of Pages:
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