Feature Film: THE FILM by J.D. Moor & Martin Kelley

A feature-length historical adventure, my script is based on the harrowing true story that forced a family to run for their lives during WWII. This a dramatized adaptation of my uncle’s autobiography, which was published in France https://livre.fnac.com/a1607440/Ulli-Pickardt-Travelling-arriere

This is some media buzz received: http://atlantajewishtimes.timesofisrael.com/atlantan-tells-uncles-holocaust-story/

All materials for this project, working title THE FILM, are registered with WGA. Here for your review are the logline, summary and brief synopsis.


Based on a true story. A Jewish family blacklisted by the Nazis on the eve of WWII flees Germany with a film exposing Hitler’s secret plot. The family scatters across Europe and the U.S., hunted and desperate to survive.


A stunning trial shatters the idyllic lifestyle of Ulli, his twin sister, Ulla, and their parents. They are forced to make a run for it. The courtroom film will either save them or destroy them. They must protect it at all costs. The crisis breaks up the family. The twins separate and learn to fend for themselves. Tracked by the Germans and suspected by the French, the family confronts a series of life and death challenges. The father is captured, then escapes. No money, no safe place to hide, little hope. Ulli joins the French Foreign Legion, but deserts in the nick of time. Seeking safety, he treks through treacherous mountains into Spain. It’s a harrowing and fruitless effort. He is then cornered by his Nazi nemesis. A suspenseful ultimatum could be the way out. At their wits’ end, Ulli, Ulla and the parents reconsider their values and rediscover a love of family.



(Historical/Drama) – based on a true story, adapted from Travelling Arriere
By J.D. Moor & Martin Kelley

Germany 1933 – ULLI PICKARDT and his twin sister, ULLA, bask in idyllic lifestyles. Suddenly, their privileged teenage existence shatters when their father, LUDWIG, wins a stunning court case against the Nazis. In a courtroom outburst, HEINRICH POTTINS, Ulli’s classmate, reveals secrets of the Nazi master plan against the Jews. Coincidentally, Ludwig has the trial proceedings filmed as a marketing tool for his law practice. The family’s fortunes unravel when Ludwig is blacklisted and they struggle to save their lives and protect the film forcing them to flee Berlin for Paris.

As the situation becomes more dangerous, the family decides to split up to remain safe. At the age of fifteen, Ulli and Ulla need to support themselves and their parents in hiding. All the while, the film itself is shifted about to be kept as safe as possible. While Ulla pursues a dancing career, Ulli manages to find work with a film company. Despite losing that job, he manages to sneak back into the offices to make a copy of the film and stash the copies for safe keeping.

An unemployed Ulli faces detainment by the French, which forces him to labor in a munitions factory and ultimately join the French Foreign Legion in Algeria to escape the Nazis. However, German collaborators continue to pepper him for information, watching his every move.

Ulla, now a successful performer, takes one of the copies of the film out of the country still unaware of the film’s content. Throughout the war, the splintered family members wonder and worry about each other.

Ludwig and his wife, Lucie, crisscross France trying to elude the Nazis. Ludwig is captured and sent to an internment camp but escapes — twice! Ludwig and Lucie enlist the help of a beautiful French Resistance fighter to attempt to find Ulli.

As the Nazis close in, Ulli escapes Algeria. He meets the beautiful Resistance fighter and is smitten. She provides him with a guide to hike across the Pyrenees into Spain. The trip is a harrowing, life threatening and fruitless adventure. The film copies remain safe for the time being.

Back in Paris, Ulli is harbored by a friend with connections to the Resistance. He begins a slow recuperation and he dreams of the Resistance woman whom he met in passing. After Nazis search his Paris hideout, Ulli is picked up by the Gestapo and brought in for questioning. Heinrich Pottins, now a Nazi officer, confronts Ulli about the film. The tense scene culminates in a tacit agreement: Ulli has his freedom in exchange for never releasing the film. Pottins, in disgrace, shoots himself.

Meanwhile, Ulla attempts to enlist American government officials to save Ulli by showing them the film. Surprisingly, her copy of the film is blank.
The D-Day invasion looms. Ulli contemplates his life and all the time spent alone. He commits to shed his selfish, materialistic ways, treasure the gift of family … AND to find the Resistance woman.

Now 1947, Ulli meets the Resistance woman at one of Ulla’s performances. A warm welcome bodes well for their budding romance. Ludwig and his wife are there to surprise Ulli after the show. After years of struggle and separation, the family reunion is complete.

Novel: WOLF TIME by Dick Croy

by Dick Croy
Novel & Screenplay

This is NOT a typical serial killer story. It’s about an intended victim and what a near-death experience teaches her about forgiveness, vengeance & death. A psychiatrist, attacked by a serial killer dubbed “the Wolfman”, recovers and tracks him down using intelligence and an atavistic sixth sense triggered by her brush with death. But her personal vendetta unleashes the beast within, and her final battle is for not just her life but her soul as well.

DRAMA Best Scene Reading of Silent Notes by Dawn Brown


Observer, paid to report on the worldwide ship business, witnesses murder, pollution, and the endangerment of fish populations, that put his life at risk. His notes become silent and no one knows what happened…’cept Red.


Red: Liam Kinahan
Narrator: Mandy May Cheetham
Hong: John Leung
Dylan: Adrian Currie

A FilmFreeway preferred festival:


Producer: Matthew Toffolo http://www.matthewtoffolo.com

Director: Kierston Drier

Casting Director: Sean Ballantyne

Editor: Kimberly Villarruel

Camera Op: Mary Cox

Feature Film: Things That Go Bump In The Night by John M. Light

Title: “Things That Go Bump In The Night’

Writer: John M. Light


A mysterious drifter may be the only hope for a group of people trapped in a desert

police station by a black cloud teaming with an unspeakable horror.

Genre: Horror

Feature Screenplay

Wga # 1261567

Short Film: THE AMAZING LUCK by Leandro Ariel, Zalazar Zubiat

Title of Story: The Amazing Luck

Written by: Leandro Ariel, Zalazar Zubiat

Logline: An Eastern Asian-looking sorcerer named Fai performs magic tricks from time to time. One day accidentally performing some tests gave life to all Maneki neko or Zhaocai Mao (lucky cats) of the world and not only that, they could also talk and gave them much more powers than before. Then he thought that momentarily it was going to be something positive for humanity, but with time it was going to get out of control, that is why the magician is exiled in a distant place.

People could not believe what these cats could achieve, all humanity enters a state of luck never before seen.

Over time, little by little the felines began to run out of powers, since they abused all the magic they used and they were extremely exhausted. People began to fall into disgrace.

The world began to go into chaos and began to blame the cats.

Then, a boy named Alex investigated what happened and discovered that it was a spell from that magician that originated what was later unleashed.

But they also discovered that this person lived in a kingdom far from the earth, so they consulted about their whereabouts and a single sorcerer named Kichiro knew how to get there.

Alex, his group of friends and some cats that still had their energies, had to fight and escape several evil beings before reaching their location, where they finally found Fai and after failing several times, he was able to reverse the spell and return to its original form to the Maneki neko.

He also promised not to perform tricks that would damage the stability of the Earth, while people promised to be less ambitious and a little more moderate in their intentions. While Alex and his friends adopted several cats as pets.

Genre: (Action, Adventure, Family, Fantasy)

Type: Short Screenplay.

Essay: THE CHANGE FROM WITHIN by Jerome T. Covington


Written by: Jerome T. Covington


For years I viewed change as an exterior motivation for everything around me to be different. Having a big house, a nice car and fancy clothes were what I thought would change my circumstances. I looked at change as simply doing or saying something different from what is normally said or done. However, I have come to realize that by noticing a change within me; modifying routines, altering appearances, and going from one extreme of life to the other will not change a person. The heart of a person has to change in order for the transformation of one’s self to occur.

I can not complain about how I grew up. My family and I always had plenty of food to eat; good clothes to wear; a bed to sleep on, and a house to live in. My mother worked in the financial industry for the first 15 years of my life then decided to become a housewife. My father joined the military before I was born and he is also a minister. They have been married now for 29 years. He retired from the United States Navy in 1993 after serving 22 years. So one would think how does a young man who grew up in church and comes from a two-parent household, end up going down the wrong path of life. Well, when poor decisions are made, it causes a domino effect of unpleasant events and in spite of the distasteful consequences I continued to suffer, it took me 23 years to see that I genuinely needed to make some changes in my life.

Because my father was a Navy man, my parents and I had to move from place to place. For almost 14 years I never lived in one place for more than 2-3 years at a time. Because my parents and I moved from place to place, I felt like I had to force my way into being cool with all the other young people. Unfortunately, the children I always tried to imitate were always doing wrong. The funny part is, while I was trying to be so much like them, they were always making fun of me. At the age of 16, I started smoking marijuana, cigarettes, and drinking alcohol. So for the next seven years, I partied until the sun came up and became very promiscuous. When year seven came around at the age of 23, I had an experience I will never forget.

One night I was lying in bed when suddenly a dark shadow like overcast covered the walls of my room. Then next to my bed a figure of a person was tucking my sheets in. This person kept tucking my sheets in so tight until I could not move. About two minutes later everything in my room went back to normal and I was able to move again. I was scared and my heart was racing, but I could not call anyone until the next day. Finally, I was able to contact a good friend of mine and she told me that the experience I had was a spiritual message and that God was telling me that if I did not stop being so promiscuous that I would destroy myself. Instantly at that moment, I decided that abstaining from sex until marriage was not a bad idea. Not long after that, I lost my desire to smoke and drink alcohol.

Life is a series of events that happen in our lives. Some we have control over, and some situations are just out of our control. However, the important detail is not that we control these events in our lives, but how we react to these situations is what we must keep at the forefront of our minds. Our reaction to whatever we go through determines the outcome of the event, and the outcome determines the change that is made from within.



Jerome T. Covington, MBA

(JSpeaks The Poet)
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Short Film: Kansas City Jo by James P. Brosnahan & Joseph S. Kubu

Title of Story: Kansas City Jo

Written by: James P. Brosnahan & Joseph S. Kubu

Logline: Joan Dice, a vengeful gunslinger, must track down the ruthless Preacher and Half-Breed who murdered her friend and parents before they can kill again.

Genre: Western

Type: Short Screenplay

WGA Registration Number: 1970244