Feature Film: The Lion’s Share of a Gravy Train by Marc Lawrence

A cross between Midnight Cowboy & the Sting, where one 19 year
old is under the tutorship of one Machiavellian, who is gifted with
the fine art of seducing & fleecing the elite woman of Hollywood &
Bel-Aire, inevitably causing the two to enter into a battle over

“love vs. eroticism”.

In part, this psychological thriller is about one woman’s obsession with a guy
coming-of-age at 19. His name J.T., will take you on an emotionally charged rip-ride, in 1983 Tinseltown Los Angles, while partnering up with a larger than life
Machiavellian extraordinaire, who’s human achievements wrestle with his demons.
The interwoven narration throughout the story is a mixture of present-tense and
looking back in thought. Sin and grace, transgression and forgiveness, betrayal and sacrifice, all play out, in this rare adaptation three-quarters based on real life characters and the lives they led from a moment in time, where mistrust is exposed between the closest of relationships. All the while, polished refined posh tight-lip older woman, rage on about money, power and prestige….And other women of wealthy standing, who flaunt their lustful desires, publicly or otherwise.

Nevertheless, two young females are captivated by J.T., as they are about to enter womanhood and struggling with their own ambitions and identity. Mainly, it’s about the over-the-top Machiavellian, trying to mentor J.T., in a world of high-end dating the Hollywood elite. When J.T. finds himself hopelessly lost and in over-his-head, in this world of glitz, glam and murder, he desperately tries to break away, while his partner, along with a cold and calculating seductress, try to lure him back.

I felt I had to tell about the GRAVY TRAIN, as a way of purging myself over people I knew and things that I witnessed. The Author has taken a slice from a period in time, where opposite walks of life intertwine, under abnormal situations. It is a lifestyle which I fail to see being probed to this extent but really existed, while delving into the darker side of various aspects of the entertainment business. Where pursuing dreams and ambitions over-lap and never end, while age differences hold no boundaries.

For the most part, I tried to stay true to a real-life character, who is the antagonist and passes himself off as 3 totally different individuals and portrays J.T.’s partner. Mind you, I embellished parts of Vance’s criminality for theatrical purposes. One might say, the first half of the story is Vance Whiteside’s story, told through the eyes of J.T..

Please let me know if this well-crafted screenplay interests you enough for a read.

Author: pitchstory

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