Short Film: THE AMAZING LUCK by Leandro Ariel, Zalazar Zubiat

Title of Story: The Amazing Luck

Written by: Leandro Ariel, Zalazar Zubiat

Logline: An Eastern Asian-looking sorcerer named Fai performs magic tricks from time to time. One day accidentally performing some tests gave life to all Maneki neko or Zhaocai Mao (lucky cats) of the world and not only that, they could also talk and gave them much more powers than before. Then he thought that momentarily it was going to be something positive for humanity, but with time it was going to get out of control, that is why the magician is exiled in a distant place.

People could not believe what these cats could achieve, all humanity enters a state of luck never before seen.

Over time, little by little the felines began to run out of powers, since they abused all the magic they used and they were extremely exhausted. People began to fall into disgrace.

The world began to go into chaos and began to blame the cats.

Then, a boy named Alex investigated what happened and discovered that it was a spell from that magician that originated what was later unleashed.

But they also discovered that this person lived in a kingdom far from the earth, so they consulted about their whereabouts and a single sorcerer named Kichiro knew how to get there.

Alex, his group of friends and some cats that still had their energies, had to fight and escape several evil beings before reaching their location, where they finally found Fai and after failing several times, he was able to reverse the spell and return to its original form to the Maneki neko.

He also promised not to perform tricks that would damage the stability of the Earth, while people promised to be less ambitious and a little more moderate in their intentions. While Alex and his friends adopted several cats as pets.

Genre: (Action, Adventure, Family, Fantasy)

Type: Short Screenplay.

Author: pitchstory

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