Feature Film: CENSORED by Ann Weed

270083271f posterGeorge Washington Hayduke, a Truth employee, fights for his mind through dreams and transversing realities while decrypting a prophetic message which brakes The Machine. A screenplay writer with the power to write George’s reality helps him evade the insane Department of Thought.


Writer Biography – Ann Weed

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I love to write! Words are bound by definitions, yet reveal so much. Art is more universal and thus I do both for the freedom of expressing ideas. My works are usually dense and profound. A mystery is between the ideas and it’s source: everything is a riddle. Life seems be like an experiment in art and mind. I love to tear down the ‘expected’ and reveal the invisible line between truth and complete insanity that confuses the 21st century.

Writer Statement

Some call it writing, but it’s more like organized insanity.

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