Feature Film: One Plus One by Johnny Aangraj

65edf950cf posterPlot – The screenplay deals with three parallel love stories. 1. Risav(13)- when girl used to love him, he never understood but as soon as he developed feelings for her, she disappears. 2. Sami(14)- he madly loves a girl and travel for 3 hours just for her glimpse but girl never got to know about his feeling for her. 3. Abbas(24)- he is a drug and small weapon dealer. The girl he loves is not with him. But because of his love for her, these three characters meet at the end.
Risav is the naughtiest boy in his school . If there were any mischievous activities in the school, all fingers pointed to Risav. And most of the time he was behind all the misconduct.
One day a girl Neha (13) complained to Principal, about Risav that he has put a Mouse in her school bag. She asked Principal to change his section. Though Principal & everyone else were aware that this mischievoes activity was done by Risav, he escapes punishment as there was no proof against him. Principal complains to Risav’s father that he will suspend his son if such behavior is continued in future. On the same night Risav’s father beats him and warns him, if there will be one more complain from the school, he will be sent to the Hostel. Actually his father was planning to send him to a hostel anyway because of increasing kidnapping incidents in the city. Now Risav decides to take revenge on that girl. So, the next day he keeps Soil & fake Frog in the Neha’s & her best friend Pranjulaa’s tiffin. Again Neha goes to Principal to complain, but in the mean time Neha’s best friend Pranjulaa gets risav off the hook. Risav & Neha both were surprised with Pranjulaa. Principal was again speechless and helpless.
Now, Risav’s best friend, Heru (13), started teasing him that there has to be a reason Pranjulaa saved him from the Principal. In the beginning, Risav did not pay heed to what he said but time and again Heru reminds him of many previous conversations and examples to prove that Pranjulaa loved him and that’s the reason why she went against her best friend to save him.
Now Risav starts feeling grateful to Pranjulaa and finally decides to say ‘Thank you & Sorry’ to Pranjulaa. But on that particular day when he reaches school to say these words to Pranjulaa, he gets to know that she had already left school forever. Hearing this Risav gets very dejected and his feelings for her increases manifold.
On the other hand, Sami (16), the second important character of the story, sells “Candy Floss” just outside Risav’s school because of a girl Sagia (13), whom he loves a lot. She is the reason why he traveles 3 hours daily and comes here to work so that he can get a glimpse of Sagia, who sits in a small tea stall on the other side of the same school with her parents. Sami often talks to Sagia’s parents but never had the courage to go and talk with Sagia. So on the same day when Risav gets to know that Pranjulaa had left the school, Sami comes to know that Sagia has been kidnapped. He too gets sad on hearing the news.
Sami directly goes to Abbas(24), third important character of the story, narrates him everything and requests him for help. Although Sami is like a younger brother to Abbas but he refuses to help him at first because he had asked Sami not to go after that girl because this city was very close to the city from where he had escaped once and still had constant threat of few people. But Qadeer, Abbas’s best friend, convinces him to help Sami. This situation and confusion also reminds him of his own ugly past. Finally Abbas decides that he will look for Sagia not only because he wants to help Sami, but also he wants to take revenge from the person who did wrong to him earlier. He makes a plan to go back to that city whose name alone made him tremble and because of which he had to change his name and live so far away.
Both Abbas and Sami set out in search of Sagia. Also Risav, on the pretext of going to school, sets out to that city to say ‘Thank you and Sorry’ to Pranjulaa. Coincidently, all three reach the same city. In a new city, Risav has to take help of some strangers who fool him. Somehow Risav manages to find Pranjulaa’s house but even after reaching her house he again fails to gather courage to meet her.
On the other hand, due to a small mistake as well as bad luck of Risav, the rumor of him being kidnapped spreads in his school & native place.
Unfortunately, Risav actually gets kidnapped in the new city.
By this time Abbas and Sami, with help of few people of that city, gets to know about Sagia. The same night, both of them make a plan to help Sagia escape, with some help from their friends. In the night when all of them reach the place, a shelter home, to free Sagia, we also find Risav there. Abbas manages to free Sagia and asks her if she know Sami. She says- ‘NO’. Abbas is surprised to hear that. But while leaving the place, he picks up a fight with the people guarding the place.
Abbas, Sami & Risav die there in a fight sequence.
Epilogue – Risav’s dream was to become a teacher. So in classroom we see Risav’s soul is sitting with blank expression on the teacher’s chair. All students are busy in their mischievous activities. Sudenly a teacher enters and all students fall silent. After a while Pranjulaa enters in a hurry, she apologizes for being late and enters in classroom. She goes & sits near Neha. Neha & Risav Soul are both surprised to see her. Neha tells Pranjulaa that she thought she had left the city. Pranjulaa replies – “No, dad was planning. But I cried a lot and finally my grandfather said I can live with him. I was ill, that’s why I was not coming to school. By the way, where is Risav?”

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Name – Johnny Aangraj
Email id – johnnyscreenplay@gmail.com
Professional id – https://filmfreeway.com/johnny.aangraj
Education – B.tech from Electrical Engineering (RTU)
Mobile No – +91 9594001092
I have worked –
• As a Director : Corporate AV for Gazol Lubricants, Short Film – BASIC INSTINCT (5 International Official Selections/Awards).
• Movies (as an AD) :
1. #Mahatma (Script Supervisor, Director – Gaurav Bakshi, Produer – Humaramovie)
• Chief AD & 2nd Unit Director in Production Houses : (All in TV& Ads only) – Balaji Telefilms(SMT), Fremantle Media Pvt Ltd.(Codered Umeed & Tujhse Naraaz Nahi Zindagi), BBC Worldwide (Kaisi Ye Yariyan), Wizcraft International, Bodhi Tree (Ye Hai Ashiqui), Jaasvand Entertainments Pvt. Ltd. (Savdhan India) , Rajusha Productions, Kaira Craft Films (Pilot for DD), Lotus Talkies (Sun Yaar Try Maar), DJs Productions (Maryada), Spotlight Films, PMP Media Pvt. Ltd., Saregama (Savdhan India), Y Star Cine Films & Televisions.
• Associate Director to : Sarthak Das Gupta, Mohammad Rafique, Devdoot Majumdaar, Mushaid Pasha, Ashok Chouhan, Krishan Hooda, Aashima Chhibber, Jijy Philip, Kevin Kuto, Aarti Bagdi, Heena D’Souza.
• Ad films (as an Associate Director) : Nestle (Maggie), Rajasthan Patrika with Deepika Padukone & Ranbir Singh, Castrol, Asian FootballCup (also 2nd unit Director), Promo Shoot with Shraddha Kapoor & Farhan Akhtar for Rock On-2.
• As a Post Producer – Wizcraft (for IIFA & few Ads), BBC (Chetan Bhagat show – 2 states real couple)
• As a Writer –
1). Corporate AV for – Hindustan Unilever Ltd.
2). Corporate AV for – Buder Electric Appliance & Mybooster Company.
3). MANN – my this screenplay is recently officially selected in ‘Los Angeles Feedback Film & Screenplay Festival) & MedFF in Italy as a Semi finalist.
4). BLAK – my this screenplay is officially selected in – “European Feedback Festival 2018”.
5). The Final Cast (As a co-writer – Producer – Humaramovie, Director – Krishan Hooda).
6). Kaafir (Screenwriter – for Amaash Films) – Under production.

• 2 Years Theatre experience and has enclosed 25 plays in different cities of India.

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