TV SHOW: GET THA STRAP by James Samuel

TITLE: “Get Tha Strap”

FORMAT: Drama and Thriller series

LOGLINE: With America going thru a gun control crisis, this drama series will show the journey, damage, and stories behind a single gun. You won’t believe how it will travel thru so many hands, no matter the race or age.

PITCH: “Get Tha Strap” explains that no matter the age, race, back ground, culture, career you are affiliated with, a gun causes the same damage.


Every gun has a story, no one ever knows or pay attention to the journey they take. One gun can kill hundreds of people and always out live their owners. Once a person sells their gun, they more than likely never think about the intent for the next person. Not knowing, this could be the very weapon that could end their life, rob their family member or even be the gun someone use to rob the bank with. An Asian woman starts an unbelievable journey when she simply walks into a gun store and purchases a gun. See the thing is, the gun does the same thing when she pulls the trigger as a policeman. Bullets has no names and is one of the only things in America that doesn’t discriminate. All races have bad people, every human need protection and kids knows what to do with guns now a days. Are you ready to follow the stories and see if you can relate to any of the story lines? Now its time to “Get Tha Strap”!

Story by James Samuel

Feature Film: The Goons of Liberty by Tom Stohlgren

Title of Story: The Goons of Liberty

Written by: Tom Stohlgren

Logline: When thoughts and prayers aren’t enough, a Joan of Arc-like teen and her fellow school mass-shooting survivors use extreme measures to prevent the next shooting and change a nation.

Genre: Action-Drama

Type: Feature Screenplay

WGA Registration Number: Copyright June 2018

Tom Stohlgren, Author