TV Show: ALP by Julia Mueller

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Pilot of an animated series.
A mysterious party has created a utopic society where self-care and awareness are defeating even ageing and death itself. The series is about five characters living in this system (called ALP), their power as individuals and the horror of perfection.

News & Reviews
  • “ALP is a deep, ironic and “felt” work (…), and its style of drawing colors it with a surrealism that misses in many live actions.”

    Michelangelo Scali, Italian film blogger

Short Film: Death by Cornbread by Gina York, B.Sc., P.G., J.D.

1f3c5eae7e posterSynopsis by: Gina Mae York and Jackie-Lou Breakey

A few minutes before dawn, sunlight casts three blurred shadows on what appears to be a 12’ x 12’ scrim: Grand Más, the group’s elder, a self-deprecating trickster woman, Tardis and Jabberwocky. They are waiting on the group’s scout, Searcher, to return with possible relocation options. Dorcas enters the hallway in manic mode. He asks about the X-Man Bomber’s ETA. They are all aware that the X-Man has been sent to kill them.

Searcher returns and notices a peculiar smell. Jabberwocky has bathed himself in citronella oil and tea tree oil to protect him from insects when they go outside. They begin discussing the possible relocation options. They debate the merits and logistics of an HOA in Georgia, an Upstate New York Mansion rented out to the tv/film industry, or a farm in Colorado.

Searcher has told them all wild stories about the death of their friends, “Jimmy” and “Cornbread”, which are reminiscent of Jimmy Hoffa. This makes everyone cautious about leaving. No one really knows which, if any, of the “cornbread” stories are true.

As they are discussing options and the impending arrival of the X-Man, a knock on the door brings Grand Más and Jabberwocky out of the darkness and Jabberwocky to a plastic covered couch. Ester, their host, is sitting on the couch sweating and drinking her morning coffee. Ester rises to answer the door spilling her coffee. A sweaty, coffee citronella and tea tree oil melee ensues between Ester and Jabberwocky. But, it wasn’t the X-Man as feared, it was Hillary, an end of life saleswoman who is summarily sent away by Ester with a threat of reporting her under the Door-to-Door Sales Protection Act.

Searcher tells more “cornbread” stories, each one more fantastical than the last. Amidst the stories, the group endeavors to reach a decision on where and if they should relocate before the X-Man arrives. However, various trivialities and problems repeatedly derail their decision- making process. They all have reasons to remain where they are including meeting an online rival for an MTV special to getting makeup tips from a New York Drag Queen. Throughout the story the characters intermittently RAP, which form building blocks for a parody of 50 Cent’s “I’ll Whip Ya’ Head Boy”.

With no decision made, they have run out of time as the X-Man finally knocks on the door. It’s “Donald Drumpf”. He assures Ester that she should “rest easy” and that he’s only there to bomb her house for roaches. The “scrim” is in fact, a fumigation tent. They are just about to take a final vote. Everyone moves from out of the shadows and their physical forms are revealed, The Rappin’ Roaches.

Writer Biography – Gina York

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Gina Mae York, B.Sc., P.G., J.D., is a mother of three wonderful children and a grandmother of two. She is a writer.

For over two decades Ms. York’s publications focused primarily on peer reviewed scientific, technical and legal issues. Ms. York’s law review on Environmental Justice was selected as lead article by North Carolina Central University Law Review, and has had numerous citations since.

Ms. York began to shift her focus to creative writing in 2004. “Damage Control”, which “showed an innate ability to cut into the molecular pacing of a life event and its shadows” (anonymous), was admittedly born of vengeance and of therapy, but unleashed her true spirit in narrative non-fictional writing. However, her first screenplay “Death by Cornbread” takes a much lighter side to life and its “shadowy” figures.

Gina is currently working on her third screenplay “Differential Consciousness”, an awkward concoction of SciFi and Evangelicalism.

Feature Film: DISTURBING DEAMS OF HAUNTING MEMORIES by Patrick William Linggard

Sole Author: Patrick William Linggard


Genres: Crime/Horror/Thriller/Mystery

LOGLINE: A feature-length psycho-thriller screenplay (inundated with, surreal, macabre, retrospective, sequential dreams), wherein undeterred psychopathic homicides prevail within a, lowbrow, small-town setting.

TV Show: FREAKISHLY NORMAL by Eva Sippel and Rachel Hunt

Freakishly Normal

TV-Series – New Media- Dramedy

written by: Eva Sippel and Rachel Hunt


Freakishly Normal is a charming modern day dramedy, following four middle aged moms as they navigate the ups and downs of every day life in sunny Burbank , California. Through marriage, motherhood and mortgages, and with the help of a lot of white wine spritzers, they break through the ordinary to find the extraordinary in a life that is Freakishly Normal.

Feature Film: MY BROTHER, THE BASTARD by Jesse Saunders


WRITTEN BY: Jesse Saunders

LOGLINE: Betrayed by the Satanic biker cult he calls family, Kova must rescue his infant son from the gang’s clutches before he becomes a ritual sacrifice.

GENRE: Action/Thriller

TYPE: Feature Length Screenplay

U.S. Copyright #: 1-3166681901

Feature Film: REBOUND by Warren Paul Glover

Title of Story: Rebound

Written by: Warren Paul Glover

Logline: A successful, romantically conflicted young woman chooses career over love in a desperate attempt to avoid the mistakes of her mother; but you never know what’s around the next corner, or who!

Genre: Comedy

Type: Feature Screenplay, Stage Play

WGA Registration Number: Registered with the Australian Writers’ Guild (AWG) No: JB010324

Feature Film: IN ANOTHER LIFE by Taylor Anderson

Title of Story: In Another Life

Written by: Taylor Andersen

Logline: A blossoming love between a British-intel and an American-dreamer is ripped apart in Rio de Janeiro when she is kidnapped by a state-run trafficking ring and taken deep into the Amazon to a groom-house. Romeo + Juliet meets Blood Diamond.

Genre: Adventure, Romance, Thriller

Type: Feature Screenplay

Feature Film: BLOCKHEAD by Kevin Pacey

Title: Blockhead

Witten by: Kevin Pacey

Logline: In the near future civilisation lies in ruins and the world is contaminated by poisonous gas. The last survivors retreat to a tower block, but the enemy is at the gates and it’s every man, woman and child for themselves.

Genre: Sci-Fi, Horror, Thriller.

Type: Feature Screenplay

Feature Film: SKIN BUYERS by Edward Leech

Title: Skin Buyers

Written by: Edward Leech

Logline: A former rape victim turned detective tracks a sex ring and must find the narcissist kingpin before he removes her pregnant, abducted daughter overseas.

Genre: Crime Thriller

Type: Feature – 110 pp.

WGA-East: 1312404

Feature Film: SALVATION by Michael A. Gill-Branion

Title of Story: SALVATION

Written by: Michael A. Gill-Branion

Logline: The Justice League meets the “L” Word and the straight girl gets converted.

Genre: Science Fiction – Fantasy

Type: Feature Screenplay

Certificate of Copyright Number: TXu 1-166-844