Feature Film: Draconian States of America by Michael Mayberry

Draconian States of America

Written by: Michael Mayberry

Log Line: In a world devoid of hope, surveillance drones circle the gray skies overhead in search of political dissenters, will democracy in America survive, or will the Draconian new President impose his will on the American people?

Genre: A bold and provocative feature suspense, wrapped up in a cautionary tale.

Type: Feature screenplay

Feature Film: 98TH MERIDIAN by Thomas Tunstall

Title: 98th Meridian
Written by Thomas Tunstall

BRIANA RUIZ, a twenty-something grad student in economics faces tough career choices as she travels down her own road of personal and professional discovery in the fast-changing 21st Century economy. Briana gets much more than she bargained for in the process as she confronts moral choices about the environment and whether she will take the easy road or do the right thing.

Genre: Thriller
WGA Registration Number: 1917670

Feature Film: STUDS by Adrienne Thorne

Title: Studs

Written by: Adrienne Thorne

Logline: Studs is a romantic comedy about an over-competitive 20-something bull semen saleswoman who must fight against sexism to keep the job she loves, while inadvertently falling for her macho replacement.

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Type: Feature Screenplay

Feature Film: DYNASTY VXIII by M. A. Clarke Scott

Title of Story: Dynasty VXIII

Written by: M. A. Clarke Scott

Logline: A desperate single mother searching for her alienated videogame-addicted teenage son dives into a mysterious Ancient Egyptian gameworld only to discover that her son is assisting the cyber-police force who are tracking down a game designer criminal mastermind with a twisted agenda.

Genre: Sci-Fi (Cyberpunk)

Type: Feature Screenplay

Feature Film: THE ARDANEAN RECKONING by Jeanne McKinney and Anne Bradshaw

The Ardanean Reckoning

By Jeanne McKinney and Anne Bradshaw

A determined student and a mysterious celestial ally use an ingenious pendant to save a brother and Ireland’s history from violence and invasion.

Sci-fi genre

Feature screenplay

U.S. copyright PAU 3-363-415

WGA West #1245021

Feature Film: SCABS by Lee Kitchen

Title of Story: SCABS

Written by: Lee Kitchen


SCABS is based on a strike at the hottest Latin Soap Opera and scab writers, actors, director, producer and make-up artists are hired who really don’t speak much Spanish. It is a comedy and toys with American’s inability to learn another language and intolerance of others.


Feature Film: One More Christmas by Steven Boyd Newman

Title of Story: One More Christmas

Written by: Steven Boyd Newman

Logline: A wounded warrior struggles with recovery, his memories of war, coming home and accepting love before discovering his true purpose in life.

Genre: Drama, Family, War.

Type: Feature Screenplay

WGA Registration Number: 1735569

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