Feature Film: Desert Quarry by James Palmer

Aa797f2591 posterRaoul and Detective Mattei meet late in the evening in front of Raoul’s Manhattan jewelry shop.

The two men enter and find four of Raoul’s employees shot dead.

Days earlier Gu and Bob reunite nearby for the first time since a roadside bomb separated them in Iraq two years earlier.

Two Saudi Assassins follow them.

Their colleague, Raoul, escaped with some of the money they had just robbed from a Baghdad bank.

Bob is anxious to avenge their losses.

Gu wants to let the past rest in peace.

But after Bob brings Gu to a SoHo loft he’s subleasing and points out Raoul on the street Gu tastes blood.

Bob proposes they rob Raoul’s shop as vindication but Gu wants Raoul dead.

Bob introduces Gu to Eric, a model who works as a doorman at Raoul’s shop. Eric readily divulges the security and operation details of Raoul’s shop in exchange for a cut of the take.

Gu relents and agrees to the heist.

Still, Bob is concerned about Gu… and his concern is warranted.

A look back reveals that Gu methodically shot dead the Baghdad bank employees during the robbery in Iraq. Gu suggests the Saudi-owned bank is funding the insurgency against the American-backed Iraqi government to justify the killings.

Gu, Bob and Raoul manage to get away with the cash but not far before a roadside bomb strikes their vehicle.

Raoul escapes with some of the cash unscathed, Bob is left for dead and Mahmoud the Jackal — leader of a criminal gang linked to Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr’s militia — captures Gu.

Gu helps enrich Mahmoud, but when a group of Saudi businessmen offer ransom money, Mahmoud releases Gu.

Mahmoud hypothesizes the Saudi’s aim to hunt down and kill Gu, Raoul and Bob as vengeance for the Baghdad bank job.

Back in New York Gu and Bob rob Raoul’s shop without a hitch but afterwards the two Saudi Assassins enter and kill the employees.

Gu and Bob stash the stolen jewelry in an abandoned building.

Bob returns later that evening to see the bodies rolling out of Raoul’s store.

He cuts out and makes a phone call.

Then Bob meets Raoul.

The two reveal their insurance scam and bid to sell the stolen jewelry.

They retrieve the merchandise but once Bob has it in hand Raoul shoots him.

Raoul returns to the SoHo loft while Bob wanders through the streets until he bleeds to death.

Meanwhile, Gu searches for Bob.

The next morning Raoul waits in the loft expecting Gu but the two Saudi Assassins enter and kill him.

Searching for Bob in the loft Gu instead finds Raoul dead.

Soon, the two Saudi Assassins return and kill Gu completing their mission of vengeance.


Writer Biography – James Palmer

28bc24eee5 headshot

James Palmer has reported and photographed civil and regional conflicts in East Africa, South Asia, and the Middle East. His stories and photos have appeared in newspapers, magazines and news agency wires including the Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Washington Post, Toronto Star, San Francisco Chronicle, Christian Science Monitor, Der Spiegel and Reuters, among others. Palmer was awarded the Nicholas Blake Grant for international freelance reporting in 2007. The Newark Star-Ledger twice nominated him for a Pulitzer Prize in foreign reporting for his work in Iraq. Palmer earned a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University. He currently resides in Manhattan with his wife and three children.

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