TV Pilot: Forbidden Fruit by Timothy Lasiter

73f4088a41 posterThis is a story of a Detective named Andrew. He is on a case where a business mogul dies of suspicious circumstances. He encounters a sexy suspect named Dominance. She is soul seeking killer with a lust for blood.


Writer Biography – Timothy Lasiter

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Writers Guild of America Certified # 1314066

1. Logline
The “Up All Night” series is a project that has 13 stories that are based on science fiction. The genres range from pure science fiction to horror stories.

2. Stories and Characters
Cadillac Cabin- This is a story of a man named Phil that takes a well needed vacation to a haunted cabin in Cadillac Michigan. When he arrives, he finds creatures that are out to kill him.
Reflection- A 12-year-old girl named Taylor has an evil twin that lives in a mirror in her room. This doppelganger comes from the mirror and torments her family.
Blood of my Blood- A 300-year-old vampire named Christian is in modern day times. He is accompanied by his 2 female understudies that are also vampires. An evil Queen named Noir is out to build his empire or destroy him.
Tomorrow Never Comes- Dan is a relics hunter that has found a sundial from ancient Egypt. Natives of Egypt warn him to return the piece or he will be cursed. He keeps the piece and is stuck in a time warp that keeps repeating itself. His wife and daughter are killed in an accident, this is the day that he is stuck in.
13- A serial killer is on the loose in the streets of Liberty City. A detective named Marcus is on the hunt for him. Along the way he is met by the C.I.A who has ties with the serial killer but doesn’t want the public to find out.
3. 5 W’s
All the stories take place in a fictional place named “Liberty City.” The settings are all in modern day times. The city is filled with all types of people and reminds the readers of a New York. These stories are all unique and all are different but all tie into each other from time to time. By combining the essence of drama and imagination, I have created a series that in the right hands can rival the “Twilight Zone.”

4. Potential Audience
These stories can be relevant to the 18 and up crowd as well “Older” science fiction buffs that still watch the Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock, and the Night Gallery.

5. Format of Series
Different ranges of Science Fiction. Horror, Time Travel, Crime thrillers, Murder Mysteries.

6. About the Author
Timothy Lasiter is the owner of a company named, Dream Catcher Publishing House as well as a published author of 7 books. He has a pen name of Sean Allen Poe, and Oteana Harris as well as other writers that are signed to his publishing house. His specialty genre is science fiction, but he can also write horror and other genres. He currently has 1 completed novel titled “The Boogeyman.”
His stories explore everything from vampires, monsters, to a little girl stuck in a mirror. He has a vision for a TV series named “Up All Night,” which can rival the “Twilight Zone” series from the 1950s. He now has in his possession, 13 short stories that could be easily be turned into 30-minute episodes.
He is also writing a script that is a docudrama, that is centered around the ancient Egyptians called “KUSH” the 25th Dynasty. This story needs to be told and it does not have a rival in this field.
He has sold ebooks and hard copies of all his works, but now he is looking for the help of professionals to assist in reaching an upper level.
He now has over 400 downloads of his ebooks on Smashwords and all ebooks are currently for sale on Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Ibooks, and Kobo.

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