Feature Film: Wolf Spirit by Ignacio de la Sota

Nathan is a young canadian boy who lives a normal and quiet life, that is until he discovers he’s the reincarnation of an ancient demigod wolf named Ayas. He must join a quest in order to defeat the evil forces commanded by his father Chibiabos, who’s goal is to wipe out the entire wolf legacy. Ayas will try to stop him but the mind games played by his father and Ayas’ own personal insecurities will make the task more than difficult.

  • Project Title (Original Language):
    Aullidos de cambios
  • Script Type:
    Student, Screenplay
  • Genres:
    Fantasy, Wolves
  • Number of Pages:
  • Country of Origin:
  • Script Language:


Writer   – Ignacio Martín de la Sota

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Title: Different Planes

Written by: Domingo M. Claudio

Log line: an FBI Agent who’s managed to keep his schizophrenia a secret has trouble on a case when the victim of a serial killer is a girl he’s been hallucinating since childhood.

Genre: TV drama

Feature Film: THE PURSUIT OF LIVING by Shandra Graham

Title of Story: The Pursuit of Living

Written by: Shandra Graham

Logline: The lives of Shelly, a small town girl, Richard, the man she loves and his Ex intertwine in a tale of Fatal Attraction, Lies and Redemption in this coming of age Dramatic comedy.

Genre: Dramatic Comedy

Type: Feature Screenplay, Mini-Series Script, TV pilot

WGA Registration Number: 1976072

Feature Film: #RockMOMager by Adam Nixon

Title of Story: #RockMOMager

Written by: Adam Nixon


A mom manages her son’s band to #1 on Sound Cloud, but in the process loses her son, herself, her mind, her sobriety and her underwear.

Bad Moms meets Spinal Tap, a suburban mom living a quiet life in Washington, DC relives her youth on tour across Asia as band manger to her son’s suddenly successful rock group as they climb to #1 on Sound Cloud. She drinks too much, parties too hard, and gets fired from the tour by her own son after one too many cringe-worthy scenes. When he falls to the same temptations, though, Mom may be the only person who can keep the band together for their next hit song.

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family, Music

Type: Feature Screenplay

WGA Registration Number: 1965002

Feature Film: Black Ghosts by Daniel Davis

Black Ghosts by Daniel Davis

Genre: Sci-Fi

Feature Screenplay

WGA – 1949371


All the Female Black Ghosts were though to have been wiped out many years ago, but one came to John Smith while he was in Jail and and has a job for him and his family. It’s was to keep a young slave girl away from the raider who want her to lead them to untold riches. She has a tattoo on her back that will lead them to untold riches. But there are other out to stop the raiders first. It was a race to see who can find the untold riches first. Just who is this young girl and why do the Female Black Ghost care about her.

Feature Film: NO CLEAR WINTER by Ross Lang

Title of Story: No Clear Winter

Written by: Ross Lang

Logline: A nurse stationed at an American black site military hospital is duped into helping an ex KGB scientist escape to Siberia, where documents she unknowingly helps him recover put her in the cross hairs of enemies and allies alike.

Genre: Action, Thriller, Political

Type: Feature Screenplay

Feature Film: He Tried To Kill Me…. He Died!!! by Gail B. Robinson

Title : He Tried To Kill Me…. He Died!!!

Written by: Gail B. Robinson

Genre: Family, Drama, Crime

Type: Feature Screenplay

WGA Registration #: 1290035


Beautiful, smart and successful is what they have in common but will later find the horrific tragedy that had taken place in their bloodlines. Lies, deceit, and bad choices in men will have them cross paths and reveal their truth. He Tried to Kill Me…He Died!! Tells the story of… Secrets! 32 Years! Shocking Revelations! and Their lives will never be the same.

Feature Film: Coffee For Three by Hollis Jef Pirkey

Coffee For Three
Written by Hollis Jef Pirkey

A monster in the house, psychological thriller about sleep and coffe

Claire, a young fashion expert laments her lack of sleep and poor relationships, haunted by gruesome dreams of her ex-beaus deaths, but meets a familiar cop, allowing him in, only to find he is the source of all her problems. She’s forced to save herself, and others from the killer cop.

Thriller, Psychocologlical Thriller

Feature length


Feature Film: IT’S NOT YOU IT’S US by Rebecca Sommi Fisher

Title: It’s Not You, It’s Us

Written by: Rebecca Sommi Fisher

Logline: This is the story of two young women who launch a break up agency for players who don’t have the time or the inclination to do the deed themselves. The name of the agency: ‘It’s not you, it’s us’.

Genre: Rom Com

Type: Feature Screenplay

WGA Registration No: 1739818