TV Show: ORDINARY FURIES PILOT by Linda Morganstein

Title of Story: ORDINARY FURIES PILOT: “He’s My Husband”

Written by: Linda Morganstein

Logline: A bisexual self-defense instructor widowed after her lawyer husband crashes in a sky-diving jump becomes an amateur sleuth when she joins her gay cousin Jeffrey at a Russian River (Northern California) resort to escape mourning his death. Increasingly creepy altercations lead to a brutal murder.

Genre: Mystery, Comedy/Drama, LBGTQ

Type: TV pilot

WGA Registration Number: #1981245

Feature Film: OFF THE WALL by Stephen J. Fernbach

Log line for ‘Off the Wall”

Stephen J Fernbach

Action, adventure and comedy:

A group of desperate Mexican bandits aspiring to enter the USA illegally try to get around the Custom Border Patrol and Trump’s new wall by using several drones and hot air balloons.

Feature Film: TEN MILLION PENNIES by Michelle Langenberg


Ten Million Pennies:

The Adventures of Nick and Shelley Marsh

by Michelle Langenberg

With banter, passion, and ingenuity, Nick and Shelley Marsh solve mysteries together in Ten Million Pennies, a charmingly madcap love story.

Romantic Mystery; Feature Screenplay

Novel: The Menopause Murders by Mary Maloney and Ed Markel

Title of Story: The Menopause Murders

Written by: Mary Maloney and Ed Markel

Logline: When Debbi Dickerson, mousy codependent housewife and mother of two teens, enters the black hole of menopause, watch out. No one is safe from her hormonal rage, and when the dead bodies start piling up, her misogynist husband, Jerry—lead homicide detective on the Tacoma police force—starts to suspect his wife.

Genre: Dark Comedy/Caper

Type: Novel

WGA Registration Number: 1923850 (for novel) 1923848 (for synopsis/treatment)

Feature Film: The Valedictorian by Kathaleen Brewer

“The Valedictorian”

By Kathaleen Brewer

Logline: A rural high school valedictorian is abducted by a mysterious Colombian cartel patron, only he isn’t prepared for her tomboy survival skills or her Vietnam Vet grandmother.

Genre: Action/Thriller

Novel: THE ALICE ’65 by Kyle Michel Sullivan

“The Alice ’65”
by Kyle Michel Sullivan

After a family tragedy, Adam Verlain just wanted to hide away from the world, and his job as a book cataloguer for a small English university was perfect for that…until he was sent to Los Angeles to pick up a rare copy of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” from the actress who inherited it and she turned his life upside down