Best Scene Screenplay Reading of Red Nose Floppy Shoes by James P. Brosnahan

Logline: Michael Doyle’s boring yet happy life is turned on its ear when his genetic tests come up positive for Clown Syndrome, a potentially fatal aversion to clowns. Thus begins a comic journey through support groups, doctor visits and experimental treatments, including a vaccine based on maxims written by Publilius Syrus, a famous mime who lived during the Roman Empire. Clown Syndrome is no laughing matter.

WGA Registration Number: 1037830494

Genre: Comedy


Marla – 15 – Anne McMaster
NARRATION – Rhys Harrison
Keegle – 30 – Jen Daniels
Michael – 20 – Hugh Ritchie

A FilmFreeway preferred festival:


Producer: Matthew Toffolo

Casting Director: Sean Ballantyne

Editor: Kyle Drier

Camera Op: Hugh Cassonville

By pitchstory

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