Best Scene Screenplay Reading: GECKO ON-SIGHT by Gregory N. Ranky

Logline: To save her old neighborhood from developers, a courageous female android enters a futuristic martial arts tournament.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi, Sports


Umar – 8 – Ron Boyd
NARRATION – Hugh Ritchie
Liz – 217 – 16 – Jen Daniels
Tia – NG – 10 – Anne McMaster

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Producer: Matthew Toffolo

Casting Director: Sean Ballantyne

Editor: Kyle Drier

Camera Op: Hugh Ritchie


Short Film: A MAN LIKE HER by Marisa Torre

7a7274b708 poster


Shaya is a Trans man finally established comfortably as a woman/actress in real life who must now portray a man for the star-maker role of life-time.

Kendra is all-woman but must now apply as Ken, a man, for the Producer, career-maker, dream-job opportunity of a life-time.

Together they make a hit and a name for themselves, but can they save face?
For all they’ve changed on the outside, who is inspired to change on the inside?

Their men, Ned and Alex were preparing to spring their own secret that would be the big change in their lives until their women man-up, and now what?

Leslie is wife of idiot Exec Producer and mother of Junior their lazy-ass son.
She’s the real brains of the company, but even she can’t seem to get Ken and Kendra in the same room at the same time.
If she figures out Kendra and Shaya’s desperate scheme for their one shot at a career-making big break, she could ruin everything.

-And what about Ken’s big belly? … Took 9 months to gain and 1 day to lose?

A MAN LIKE HER is about our evolving identity; the value of our work and the cost to our true self. Gender is not about sex, any more than sex is about love.

Feature Film: SOUTHSIDE by Benny Jean-Baptiste

Trey goes through Southside Jamaica, Queens dealing with the standard baby momma drama, systemic racism, and socio-economic disenfranchisement, but little does he know that this is the last day of his life.

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  • Genres:
    Drama, Urban
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  • Country of Origin:
    United States
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Short Script: AWRY PREROGATIVE by Ricky Sylvester

6ff0cd53de posterCharmed by her innocent looks and let off drug charges due to her (DEA Father). (Awry) A rebel middle class college student phases on the urban culture lifestyle and easily dodges the consequences that comes with the life. The adorable kingpin smuggles DEA evidence into her book bag while interning at her father’s department.

The Father blackmails her boyfriend (Rowe) by framing him with drugs the officer stole from the departments evidence room. The officer was under the impression that the young men he pulled over fit the description of the usual suspects. He figured they would know what to do with the product to turn him profit.

The father and daughter both unaware of the other’s simultaneous criminal actions. Continuing her deceptive behavior, she keeps her boyfriend incognito from her father. Her father’s oppressing sparks an optimistic activist in her boyfriend. The female kingpin remains oblivious to her lovers oppression struggles as she makes her profit and party’s hard.

Her best friend (Alexa) becomes one of her largest loyal customers when awarded four million dollars in life insurance claims from her mothers death of cancer. In a depression her friend self-medicates and becomes the colleges largest prestige party host. Too much evidence comes up missing and the police department goes under investigation. Pending her trial, the media hypes controversy on themselves for a comment that fostered privilege by publicly labeling her “The Adorable Kingpin”.

Awrys father gets demoted from the DEA. Court orders Awry to community service and probation. Rowe overturned being framed in a civil lawsuit that settled. Then Published a best selling novel about abused authoritarianism, disregarded privilege exploits, social conscience and disparaging stereotypes.


Writer Biography – Ricky Sylvester

Fa75f1e6fd headshot

Massachusetts and Florida native Ricky J. Sylvester is the author of the screenplay Awry Prerogative. One of many screenplays to come and another in the works. A foster child at the age of six taken away from his family, placed in foster care and later adopted at the age of eight. His wild domestic life experiences
and traveling background enables his artistic creative story telling. The former professional Mixed Martial Artist dropped the gloves and picked up his pen to join the creative side of the entertainment industry.

Writer Statement

This screenplay has a message of social conscience. It brings forth crime, scandal, stereotyping, corrupt authoritarianism, privilege and oppression. It entails everything relevant in today’s social issues appealing to the interest of society’s questions and concerns. One persons bad experience with an individual shouldn’t be labeled as a representative for an entire group of people. This film takes the inverse concept approach to show conscience for one another.

COMEDY Short Script: DRIVE TIME by Jayson Johnson, David Ballard

F419b3ddeb posterWhen conservative and White field TV anchor, Jack Threadwood, has an on-air meltdown he’s fired from his job and forced to looked for work to pay for his daughter’s college education. Unfortunately for him, the only place that’s hiring is the Black-owned Hip-Hop radio station.


Writer Biography – Jayson Johnson, David Ballard

Cad9333650 headshot

Jayson earned an MA in film production from Eastern Illinois University and then took a marketing position working for legendary film director Francis Ford Coppola. Jayson worked on several successful wine and food ventures and then transitioned over to Coppola’s film studio, American Zoetrope. Jayson worked under film pioneers Walter Murch, Richard Beggs and Mr. Coppola himself. After four years of working at Francis Coppola Presents Jayson took Mr. Coppola’s advice to ‘go out and become famous’ and now works as a producer. Jayson now works full time as a freelance producer/director/location manager for Strike Five Films.

Comedy Feature Film: AFTER YOU by Renton Méndez

6fef513e00 posterAFTER YOU follow the encounters and disagreements of four characters: Mariana, a shy and quiet girl, who was raised in a religious environment broken by her mother’s sexual encounters with, a priest (her father), the which the girl frequently witnessed; Amelia, an extroverted, cheerful young woman who enjoys life and does not think about tomorrow or yesterday, a precocious girl who grows in absolute debauchery; Pablo, a man full of almost ridiculous self- restraint and romanticism, educated only by his mother and two aunts, grew up in an old-fashioned female environment and has certain effeminate features or touches, but is almost certain to be heterosexual; and Andrés, an independent boy, partying and drug addict, with problems of addiction and personality disorders.


Writer Biography – Renton Méndez

2bbabe6d42 headshot

I was born on December 10, 1987 in Sonora, México, studied
cinematography at the Lumiere Institute, specialized in directing and writing at INDIe Films. He is a founding partner of Moon Wolf Films where he produces and directing. Nominated several times in multiple festivals. He works as a Director, Producer, Script Supervisor and Editor.

Comedy Short Script: Parental Responsibility by Antonia Woodward

171625a0d3 posterParental Responsibility is a story about a troubled teenager Chelsea who is desperately in need of a home after running away from her mother and abusive stepfather. She seeks help from the Housing Department, and to her horror, she is allocated a social worker who is self-absorbed and cares more about her cats and checklists than providing appropriate support.
Chelsea suddenly finds herself placed with a strict Africa woman who cares, however, due to Chelsea past trauma, Chelsea is continuing trying to sabotage the placement and rejects the love shown to her by her foster mother breaking the house rules. How will the foster mother deal with a teenager who is emotionally detached and maintains her sanity? How will the situation unravel with the clash of cultures, and an incompetent social worker in the middle?


Writer Biography – Antonia Woodward

F401b41ad3 headshot

I was born in Edo State in Nigeria into a polygamous family. Due to the challenges within a polygamous home, my mother left the marriage after the death of my younger brother. Consequently, I stayed with my grandparents who I loved dearly. I was introduced to storytelling right from a young age by my grandparents, uncles, and aunties who tells the kids story after dinner every night.

I then moved to Lagos to live with my uncle. In my early 20s, I moved to London where I studied Social Sciences at Kingston University and specialized in Mental Health. I have always wanted to be an actor and a writer, so did a few courses with the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and other drama schools. I couldn’t pursue this passion because I had to get a stable job to support my family. I met my Australian husband in London. We have three beautiful children. After nearly 25 years in London, working under extreme stress, we decided to move to Australia in 2017. In Australia, I trained as a real estate salesperson as I enjoy buying and selling houses. But I quickly realised that selling houses is very stressful and time consuming, which will defeat the purpose of moving to Australia. I decided to pursue my first love and studied at New York Film Academy in Gold Coast.
I feel blessed to be able to pursue what I have always dreamed about.

Novel: The Adventures of Larson and Garrett, Epic the First by Aaron Dennis

Logline: Can the will of good men alone stop the daemon, Lagos, from
becoming the new God of Destruction?

Genre: Fiction, fantasy, action, adventure, epic

Type: Novel

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Feature Film: Pen & Paper by Peter Dessmann

Genre: Science Fiction

For: Feature screenplay / mini-series


It was 1983

The world was pure

Cars navigated graciously through the air

Hologram cinemas re-played Pulp Fiction every Thursday night

YouTube Plaza just opened a new fast food chain, Johnny Rockets or something?

The people were excited again, the first time since WWIII ended in ’74

America finally got back on her feet.

Then it happened..

The digital age just crashed, permanently