Feature Film: THE WORLD’S END by Sepehr Golmakani

The World’s End

One Morning, Christopher, a geology professor, wakes up in the park. He is completely naked and terrified. He can’t remember anything and he says just the only phrase: the world is gonna be end in the next 24 hours. Now, who do believe this crazy man’s words?

Genre: black comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi.

Written By Sepehr Golmakani

TV SHOW: Middle Point by Ngozi-Y’ileese

Title of Story: Middle Point

Written by: Ngozi-Y’ileese

Logline: Now that Homicide Detective Smith has perfected her crime scene
psychic ability, solving new and cold cases has become a glorified
skill. When she realizes a fellow officer is responsible for a string of
murders, she faces the biggest case, as well as conflict, of her career.

Genre: Crime

Type: Pilot

WGA: 13202920

Feature Film: GOLD CADILLAC by Rick Eager

Gold Cadillac is a new, original screenplay…

Logline: A unique anthology of eccentric 1941 Cadillac owners, against an American historical backdrop, in a prosperous WWII Detroit, falling from riches to modern ruin.

Feature Film: IT’S IN HER BLOOD by Curtis Larade

Title of Story: “It’s In Her Blood”

Written by: Curtis Larade

Logline: “It’s In Her Blood” is a comedy about a fading narcissistic bimbo, made famous for her tawdry aerobics dance routine in the 80’s, who embarks on a shameless quest to claim the blood of her biological son in the name of looking young and sexy.

Genre: Comedy

Type: Feature screenplay

Novel: CITY OF BLUE by Michael Panetta

Title of story: City of Blue

Written by: Michael Panetta

Longline: After a riot consumes the city of Toronto following the violent conclusion to a hockey game, a father and son must use all of their wits and every part of their will to escape the urban nightmare alive.

Genre: literary fiction, thriller, action, drama
Type: novel
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Feature Film: FRIENDS LIST by Rob Watson

Title:              FRIENDS LIST

Written by:     ROB WATSON

Logline:          A vicious psychopath targets his victims in the order in which they appear on a troubled young woman’s social network’s Friends List.


Type:              FEATURE SCREENPLAY

US Copyright PAu-3-433-387

Novel trailerhttps://youtu.be/_2BSG88HO20

Feature Film: RUNAWAY CRUISE by TC Soderberg

Runaway Cruise logline:

A cruise ship on a course of remembrance and healing takes a wrong turn for Vietnam Veterans when a toxic cloud from the Fukushima meltdown kills half of the crew. One Veteran having spent a life time at sea and his grandson, bring the ship home to safety.

by TC Soderberg

Feature Film: AVENGE YOUR BROTHER by Milan Visnjic

Title of Story: Avenge Your Brother

Written by: Milan Visnjic

Logline: Nicole Roosevelt will do anything it takes to kill an SIA agent, who killed her brother, director of the Velepharm pharmacy company.

Genre: Action, Drama

Type: Feature Screenplay