Novel: CITY OF BLUE by Michael Panetta

Title of story: City of Blue

Written by: Michael Panetta

Longline: After a riot consumes the city of Toronto following the violent conclusion to a hockey game, a father and son must use all of their wits and every part of their will to escape the urban nightmare alive.

Genre: literary fiction, thriller, action, drama
Type: novel
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Feature Film: FRIENDS LIST by Rob Watson

Title:              FRIENDS LIST

Written by:     ROB WATSON

Logline:          A vicious psychopath targets his victims in the order in which they appear on a troubled young woman’s social network’s Friends List.


Type:              FEATURE SCREENPLAY

US Copyright PAu-3-433-387

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Feature Film: RUNAWAY CRUISE by TC Soderberg

Runaway Cruise logline:

A cruise ship on a course of remembrance and healing takes a wrong turn for Vietnam Veterans when a toxic cloud from the Fukushima meltdown kills half of the crew. One Veteran having spent a life time at sea and his grandson, bring the ship home to safety.

by TC Soderberg

Feature Film: AVENGE YOUR BROTHER by Milan Visnjic

Title of Story: Avenge Your Brother

Written by: Milan Visnjic

Logline: Nicole Roosevelt will do anything it takes to kill an SIA agent, who killed her brother, director of the Velepharm pharmacy company.

Genre: Action, Drama

Type: Feature Screenplay

Feature Film: FREE FALLING by Renate Grassmugg

Free Falling:

Max is a happy family man. But when knock-out Frenchman Joel is hired at
his law firm and immediately turns his charm on him, he is increasingly
torn between remaining happily married and returning to his
long-repressed gay life. On a rollercoaster of lust, guilt, surrender,
remorse and confusion, the two men slowly allow themselves a real love,
leaving Max to face the most difficult decision of his life.

by Renate Grassmugg


Feature Film: KETURAH’S SONG by S. Denice Newton

Title of Story: Keturah’s Song

Written by: S. Denice Newton

Logline: Humanity’s last hope against the ever-increasing Darkness comes when Light is reborn as a human child. Dark forces of the Underworld prepare for war.

Genre: Fiction, Drama, Fantasy, Supernatural, Urban

Type: Feature Screenplay