Feature Film: America for Sale or Russian Gambit by Aleks Kontr

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America for Sale or
Russian Gambit
Based on true events

Logline: The wave of Russian money—the allure of prime American real estate… an unbreakable connection and a true story like no other!

Tagline: Wealthy Russian oligarchs, a hotel with glass walls, voyeurs, narcissists, a brothel posing as a 5-star hotel, an Eastern European sex scam, an illicit lovenest and even a crystal sex toy! You just can’t make this up!

For many years, decades in fact, America and Russia have been at odds over the ideology behind the establishment of a sovereign nation and the best way to rule the masses. The West, in particular the United States, has been portrayed by Russian leaders to their people as the nation’s adversary.

However, their propaganda has not convinced everyone. Many wealthy Russians oligarchs are known to have burning desires to live in the land that their leaders so disparage. What is the draw? Why do they want to leave the motherland behind to live in a foreign land that they all their lives were taught to have disdain even hate for? In essence, these rich Russians merely wanted to live the beautiful life which on Planet Earth is only possible in the land of their ideological opponent.

America for Sale or Russian Gambit is the story of the influx of Russian money into the American real estate market. The hero in this story, Ronald Keegan an American realtor living in New York City, said it best when asked about the incursion—Russian was taking over America “one house at a time.” This triumph is devoid of missiles or tanks; the invasion is a silent one that depends on quick sales and stacks of cash. The story is based on a book by the same name and is inspired by true events. It is one of those tales that make people remark that “you just couldn’t make this up.” What Ron Keegan encounters in his dealing with wealthy Russians presents challenges and twists and turns that no one could predict.

Ron is a very successful realtor in New York. Throughout the story, Ron is romantically involved with another real estate agent whose territory is in nearby New Jersey. Ron meets Gina Green at a realtor’s conference in New Orleans. He gives a speech before the group in which he touches on the increasing presence of Russian buyers in the American market. He and Gina get acquainted at the meeting; he is crestfallen when he learns that she is married. However, Gina’s marriage is in a downward spiral that in the end is irreversible. Ron, who has been divorced for years, and Gina begin to see each other and soon are deeply in love.

Ron is tapped by the wealthiest oligarch in all of Russia to purchase three townhouses in an upscale section of New York. He plans to purchase the three properties, tear them down and build one huge mansion for himself in their place. There is one major caveat, the Russian wants to remain anonymous and funnel the money through a series of off-shore accounts, a process in which his identity will be obscured. He offers to double Ron’s fee and given him a bonus for making quick deals on the properties. However, there are barriers to the plan the least of which is not the Mayor’s Office that has had its eye on the properties for some time. Ron is pressured by a high-ranking city official who threatens him with the possibility of being arrested and serving time for dealing with the oligarch in a scheme that involves felonious money laundering. As it turns out the city official not only has his eye on the property in question, he has his eye on Ron himself. Ron is able to escape from the clutches of the city official by unorthodox means while convincing the Russian to back out of the deal because they both could be indicted and the oligarch could be deported.

But that is just one instance of the unusual and unending challenges that both Ron and Gina encounter. One of Ron’s clients is in hot water for photographing the private lives of people without their knowledge—a woman nursing her baby and another unsuspecting woman that involves the use of a Swarovski crystal dildo are two of his victims. He decides that people are either voyeurs or narcissists and wants to purchase a hotel with see-through walls to satisfy the desires of both. Gina and Ron embark on a reckless venture—they make love in a client’s abandoned house. They house will give the lovers a great place for their romantic trysts. This proves to be a risky step; their lovemaking is caught by the security system’s video cameras. When the owners see the video they are outraged; their complaints place Ron and Gina in danger of losing their licenses. It becomes obvious that Gina had increased the price of the house by $150,000.00 above market value to prolong their use of the love nest. A client of Ron’s is arrested by the FBI for espionage; a client of Gina’s wants to purchase a hotel and, unknown to her, turn it into a brothel. She is arrested by the FBI for being a co-conspirator. The two lovers are temporarily estranged when Gina is told by one of his friends that Ron participates in orgies.

How Ron and Gina are able to navigate the rough waters they face and land on their feet is the heart and soul of this unusual story that took the top prize for Best Short Screenplay at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival before it was developed into the current feature length screenplay.

  • Project Title (Original Language):
    Америка на продажу или Русский гамбит
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  • Country of Origin:
    United States
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